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  1. Fergie

    2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ - 73,000 miles, 4.10 gears, BFG ATs and more

    Alright, so the time has come to sell this Jeep as we are too big for it with our family. I am the second owner of this Jeep, my father was the first. He bought the vehicle new in 2000 from Deibel Jeep in Flagstaff, and drove it very little, as the mileage shows. You can see the current mileage...
  2. Fergie

    Rusty's Airtube, cone filter, and TB spacer

    Cleaning out the garage of XJ items, and found these. My father had purchased these years ago, so I'm not entirely sure on the mfg, but I believe the airtube is a Rusty's version for a 2000 XJ. Same goes for the filter and TB spacer; not sure of mfg, but I do know these were bought for a 2000...
  3. Fergie

    Custom 4x4 Fabrication Front Winch Bumper & Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier for Jeep XJ

    Custom 4x4 Fabrication Front Winch Bumper & Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier for Jeep XJ Title says it all! We are selling the Jeep and/or trading it in, and these are not going with it. ***WINCH, LIGHTS, TIRE AND CABLE LOCK ARE NOT INCLUDED*** The front bumper has the shackle attachment points...
  4. Fergie

    (5) Jeep XJ Ecco Wheels and 235/70/15 Tires

    The wheels came off a 2000 XJ, and are in great condition, with no scratches, dents or peeling clear coat. They are the standard XJ BP of 5 on 4.5, stock backspacing. The tires are off of my Pathfinder and are Nexen Radial HTs in a 235/70/R15. The 5th tire is a Bridgestone Dueler HT in...
  5. Fergie

    WTB: (2) 15" wheels, as possible

    I need to find a few cheap 15" wheels for a Ford(Jeep) bolt pattern for my Father's trailer. He doesnt care what style they are, as long as they match and are true. Flagstaff is area is preferred. Thanks, Gavin
  6. Fergie

    Stock springs, shocks and LCAs from a 2000

    These have less than 5,000 miles on them, taken off my father's '01 XJ. He would like them out of his garage. No shipping, local pick up only. $40 OBO for everything. If you really need pictures, I'll put them up later.
  7. Fergie

    Is anyone using Airlift #59507 to level the rear?

    It appears that only two folks, both from AUS, are using this kit. My father is interested in installing the kit on his XJ to be able to level the rear out when towing his travle trailer. Rather than going with new leaf packs, he'd like to use the airbags as he likes the current unloaded ride...
  8. Fergie

    Defender(formerly Con-ferr) One-Piece Welded Roof Rack

    I bought this for my 2001 WJ, and transferred it to my 1991 FJ80, but, the 80 begs for a custom rack, so I'm obliging and selling this one. It is of the 3.5'x5' variety; you can read some of the specs here:
  9. Fergie

    Rick Russell DVDs, Deck Plates & an Entertainment Center

    Moving back to AZ, and need some of this stuff gone. If I know you personally, and you are a NAXJA member, you'll get a deal on the items. Thanks for looking; the stuff is as follows: First off is a set of Rick Russell's Off Highway Adventures Series DVDs, and one VHS. DVD #4 - Moab, UT DVD...
  10. Fergie

    Where to buy HDPE bar stock?

    I've got a project that I need some HDPE bar stock for. Does anyone know of a place in the Long Beach or surrounding areas that would be a good place to start? Or, maybe I just need to cut up some HDPE cutting boards...
  11. Fergie

    2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mild, Tasteful Modifications

    Alright, time for this thing to be gone. You can see the "build" thread here: Vehicle: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 133,XXX miles D30 front, D35 rear(non c-clip), 3.55 gears, discs 242 Transfercase, 42RE Transmission, 4.0L(Mobil 1...
  12. Fergie

    Auto Tranny Shop in LA/OC/South Bay areas

    I figure I'll give this a shot here due to the knowledge base... I need a good auto tranny shop to replace/rebuild my 42RE in my 2001 WJ. I've contacted T&J to see who they use, and have yet to hear back from them. The shop in the IE that everyone suggests is a possibility, but they are know...
  13. Fergie

    Driveshaft shop in Long Beach or South Bay

    Checked the "Place to Know" thread, and most of the listings were for the OC. I need a new drivesahft shortened by 3/4" and need it done quick. Anyone have a good shop in Long Beach, or the South Bay areas? Thanks G
  14. Fergie

    242 front output swap - stange metal/metal rotating noise.

    Gut check time: Mid december the stock front driveshaft exploded on my '01 WJ, 242. The stock shaft had a rzeppa at the t-case, and single UJ at the axle. Now, once the stock shaft was removed, I heard no strange noises from the case. Fast forward to today, I replaced the rzeppa flange at the...
  15. Fergie

    L.A. to Lake Havasu

    Anyone making this trip from the L.A. metro area any time soon? I've got a couple tires that need to make their way that direction and out of Brendan's garage.
  16. Fergie

    (2) Yokohama Geolander A/T-S 235/70/R16 107S

    Located in Playa del Rey,CA. Delivery options available, even to AZ, but I wont ship. I have two of them, one with approximately 5000 mlies on it, the other with less than 500 miles on it. I'd like $50 for each of them, price is negotiable. This would be perfect for full-size spares, or cheap...
  17. Fergie

    Nissan Mechanic in the OC, near Tustin

    Who are you? You worked on my wife's Altima once before, and I need some more work done on it. Drop me a PM. Thanks
  18. Fergie

    Yakima Bighorn 4 bike carrier for 2" hitch

    Title says it all. Practically brand new, and comes with extra rubber hold downs. $120
  19. Fergie

    Comp Gurus: PDF and file opening issues

    According to the wife, this has just started happening out of the blue. She tries to open a file from her email, and it shuts down IE Explorer .Doesnt matter if it is a Word doc, PDF or Excel. No error message like "SysFader" or anything like that, and no other issues with the comp. What...
  20. Fergie

    Anyone have a Jeep Dealership connection?

    I need to get a hitch for my WJ and am exploring all my options. Hit me up here or via PM please. Thanks