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    drinking at Leds

    wife is out of town.. so lets get together and drink some beer tonight ... say 6 ish ... 8050 windrow ct all welcome I will buy the first 2 cases what yall want beer wise??
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    what to do

    So as some of you have seen Mike has had a change of heart on buying now I need to decide what to do.If I keep it I wont be able to even start finishing it for another 18 months. I just got rid of the shop last month ,Trish's rig is stored off site and is inop due to minor issues from...
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    what the??????

    I'll just put this up there and say I have a feeling I would have been arrested!!
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    belly height

    what belly height seems to work for those of you running 39s?? wheel base will be around 109.
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  6. Led

    truggys twin had to do a double take
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    wedding is done and we are out of here .... on our way to the Dom Rep for a week of free booze and a magic button! :party:
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    bachelor party

    Ok lets do this , we are gonna meet at the safeway on 115 and s academy at 2:00 and hang there till 3:00 on sat the 14th anyone is welcome ,please do not post the location of the party on the open net hit me back channel if you need more details. Don't want any unexpected visitors.will run some...
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    Realy !?!?

    Haphazard........ :flamemad::soapbox: Funny how the guy that did nothing but get in the way on the last one is already trying to tank the next one. Those of us that worked on it know what we built and what it took to get it done.I am still proud of that jeep and would have loved to bring it back...
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    Truggy lives..... for a day

    here is a link to pics last pic on page 9 sums up the day!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20
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    hope not

    found this surfin tonight hope its not true anyone talk to him
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    Tear down

    Lets see how many peeps we can get out to the hanger to strip Hollis'es rig down to the bones!! he said like noon.... B.S. lets say 10:00 am and I wanna have a shell by 6:00 p.m. who's up for it ?? Troy wanna pick up the shell ?? come on wonna set a record for jeep to shell , come out and play...
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    I'm outa here see yall up there!!!!party1:
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    OK here's the deal I put in a 300 stock flipped and dual cable shifters. I have 3 distinct positions for the rear H-n-L but I only get front N-L can't get front high no matter what position the rear shifter is in. what did I miss???? come on help a poor boy out:jester:
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    final push

    Got the final push tomorrow any extra hands would be great! any skill level accepted we got spray painting to fab and welding . starting at 8am till I can drive the bitch! if ya don't know where the hanger is give a call. if ya don't know me I don't care I harass everyone the same . Led 719...
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    Dealer parts

    Anybody got a line on dealer parts at cost??? Trish's 04 WJ needs the wire harness going to the drivers door.Freakin WJs I know of 4 that have had the same problem the wires crack and break.I already fixed it twice but now I would need to pull all new wire cause they are all cracking or broken...
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    hospitals rant ON

    9:00p.m. take trish to hospital abdominal pain 10:00p.m. make it to the second waiting area 11:00pm get exam room 11:30 doctor tests ordered 1:00a.m. ultra sound done 2:00am told need gall bladder removed 3:00am admitted and room upstairs doc 2 will come to see us surgery in the a.m. 2:00p.m...
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    co fest pics??

    wheres the damn pics and vids???
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    fun time

    so someone is messin with the gilfreinds oldest, text messages bla bla bla however they mentioned stealin the heep by color so what I would like is everyone on here that reads this to call this number 719-233 5860 and lets convince them this is a bad idea or just have fun with it. also if...
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    Hey woody

    Dude when did I go black WTF????