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    Almost New RC 4.5" Rear Leaf Springs

    Has less than 1k miles on it, not seen dirt yet, almost brand new condition, still have my shipping label on it. Location, Las Vegas, NV89139 (will be in LA for a couple of day, end of June) Price, $220 (will ship on buyer's dime) Part #, RC8047 Will be available 06/29/12 (but i'm flexible if...
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    Textured Paint....Clear coat?

    Just painted my bumper with Rustoleum Textured paint, loving the look but i'm concern with the rough surface causing problem with cleaning. Is it ok to apply a clear coat (matte) to it and keep the textured look at the same time? Thx.
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    SYE installation.....extra lock ring ?

    My rugged ridge SYE seem to have an extra lock ring. 2x small lock rings for the speedometer gears 1x large lock ring for the new SYE shaft and gear assembly Where does the other large lock ring goes to? To here? Appreciate if i can get some advice.
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    Upgrading my tires to 32 BGF KM2 with 355 gear ratio. I understand my speedometer will be off, so would be my odometer. Not wanting to spend $50 on speedo gear. As far as speedometer, i can always rely on my GPS so it wasn't much of a concern. My concern is, would it affect my Jeep...
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    OEM foglight swtich for Aux lights?

    Like the title said, can i use an OEM foglight switch for my KC aux lights? Thx.
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    Transfer Case Shaft attached

    I was trying to grease the slip joint and this is what i found.... Click to play. Trying to figure out if this is normal. Thanks in advance.
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    Fuel Pressure Help Pls....Video attached.

    99 XJ 4.0L with 147k miles. Having kind of a rough idle so i thought i do a fuel pressure test and here is the result.....i sure something is wrong. Fuel filters and regulator was replaced less than 1000 miles ago. Please advise. Thank you.
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    Scored Bearing Insert

    In the middle of replacing my RMS and these are my little problems.... It does look pretty bad. What should i do? (Crankshaft looks my limited experience) PO must screwed this up big do i remove the RTV? Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Bar Pin Eliminators

    Will be replacing all my shocks and would like to order some Bar PIn Eliminators (not quite sure what they for but i know i probably need some) from JKS. How many do i need (front+rear, top and bottom)? Appreciate if someone can post link, that way i can't go wrong :laugh3:. Update. These are...
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    Rocker Arms/Push Rod or Valve Spring?....see video pls

    Here is a video of my Rocker Arm/Push Rod movement. Only a few has movement.....normal? Can/should i correct it? Appreciate if i can get some advice.
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    Leakdown Test result help pls...

    Please bear with me, i done alot of reading and searching but i'm a little confused here, so help me out please :worship:. I recently got hold of a 99 XJ with 147k on it and was thinking of doing some major build ($$$) but would like to make sure the overall condition of the Jeep before...
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    Remfd Engine?

    Would this be a good buy? I'm just doing my research for a replacement engine on my 99 with is having some issue....mainly low compression. Appreciate if someone can advise.
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    Broke my bolt please

    It started with a broken transmission crossmember bolt. I was trying to remove it with bolt extractor and now the extractor broke inside and is stuck. I tried drilling it but this pos is freaking drill didn't even cut. Pls help, my transmission is held by only 3 bolts now :help:
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    Crankshaft, timing chain or ....Video

    Here is the video of my balancer play... Is this normal or do i have a timing chain slack or is it crankshaft issure? Appreciate if someone can help. Thx.
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    Complete Exhaust System

    Looking to replace my complete exhaust system and would appreciate if i can get some ideas. (1999 Cherokee 4.0L AW4 HP30 C8.25) These are some parts that i have sort of decided based on what i read. Header >APN or Ebay Down Pipe >(Walker?) Can't find any info...really need your suggestion...
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    Tools.....air or electirc

    Hi ya, Just got myself into the wrenching/4x4 scene early this year and i'm loving it. Started with a Craftsman's 154 pcs set and accumulated a few sockets along the way. Anyway, as much as love wrenching and working on my Jeep, its wearing out my "old" body and taking a little too long for...
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    Kit #5???

    While exploring my "new" to me XJ, i found this on the driver's front clip above the headlamp.... Any idea what is it? Thx in advance.
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    Compression Test,

    Appreciate if i can get some info on my compression test result. Here are some overviews on my 99 with 150k on the clock with new fully charged battery and it drives fine, Just replaced the engine oil and it looks fine. Coolant pretty messed up (will be doing a radiator flush), Valve cover...
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    Yr 2000 Transmission Mount help pls

    Looking at my 2000 FSM it says part 52059347AA but upon removing the mount it shows 52059346AB Green. Would someone pls advise which and where i can find one? I have checked O'reilly, Napa, Morris4x4, Rockauto as well as Quadratec and can't find any. Autozone did have one for a freaking $90...
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    Cracked Unibody???

    Does these pics shows a cracked unibody/frame? Appreciate if someone can comment. Thx in advance.