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  1. bigalpha

    How to troubleshoot power locks with low voltage

    1992, AW4 As stated, I'm getting only 8-9V at the connectors of each of the doors. The window connectors are getting ~12V. I checked the wiring loom in the driver door and repaired two wires that were missing insulation and experienced no change in voltage supply. I back-probed the orange...
  2. bigalpha

    Trans won't shift until I hit 25mph

    In the mornings after the jeep has been sitting overnight, the trans won't shift until I hit about 25mph and then let off the gas completely. There is no change if I manually cycle the gear shift. The trans will shift normally after a mile or two of this behavior. If I go somewhere and let it...
  3. bigalpha

    WTB: 1.5-2" lift coils

    As stated, 1.5-2" lift coils in good shape. Would prefer 2", but willing to consider 1.5".
  4. bigalpha

    I need a track bar that adjusts shorter than stock

    Looking for some good recommendations for this, thanks.
  5. bigalpha

    I need help re-centering my front axle.

    Jeep has a budget boost with soil spacers in the front (this was installed when I bought it). I've replaced a bunch of steering and suspension components and I'm finding that the driver coil is hitting the trackbar bracket. I've read through a lot of threads about this but I've been unable to...
  6. bigalpha

    Which new fuel pump should I get?

    I've read a lot of bad things about the Airtex brand, but I see a Bosch and a Spectra for sale on RockAuto. Any suggestions?
  7. bigalpha

    D30/D44 pinion yoke - u-bolt style

    Looking to swap out my existing D30 yoke in favor of one that accepts u-bolts. Maybe I'm terrible at searching but I haven't found any place that has a list of vehicles that came with D30/D44 yokes with ubolts. Was looking to pick one up from the junkyard instead of buying new.
  8. bigalpha

    What's the word on radiators?

    Did some searching and seen a lot of discussion on radiators but I must have missed all the current chatter. I'll be in need of a replacement soonish. I live in AZ so it's hot and dusty. I know I could get a replacement on RockAuto but is there something that's leaps and bounds better?
  9. bigalpha

    Driveshaft u-joint strap bolts

    I've seen some discussion about replacing these with a bolt that has a more standard head size (1/2"?). Is this something that I should do to get rid of the current sized bolts?
  10. bigalpha

    What's up with these shackles?

    I didn't put these shackles on and I think they're aftermarket. They are hitting one of these bolts; this is happening on each side. Do I need to replace the bolt with a shorter one?
  11. bigalpha

    D30 Axle Shaft Interchange

    Maybe my google-fu is poor, but I can't find a comprehensive list of axle shaft swaps. I've seen that some TJ's will have shafts with 297 joints that will swap, along with some Grand Cherokees. I currently have a 1992 XJ, non-ABS, non-disconnect. My understanding is that this D30 has the...
  12. bigalpha

    Why can't I access this thread?

    Found this link in a discussion and it's prompting me for a pw. Is it not located in the main forums anymore?
  13. bigalpha

    WTB: Axle shafts that fit 5-760 u-joints

    Gotta do driveline work so figured I'd upgrade my 92 XJ's front axle shafts with ones that fit the larger u-joints.
  14. bigalpha

    Rear hatch assembly non-functional

    So my rear hatch assembly doesn't really work. It doesn't easily unlock and the power locks don't work at all. The actuator works, but it won't cycle the assembly. There's obviously a broken piece, but I have no idea what it's supposed to look like. Pics.
  15. bigalpha

    I need a new multimeter

    I'm in the market for a new multimeter. Which do you like and why?
  16. bigalpha

    Fixing the washer fluid bottle sensor

    The light for my washer bottle is always-on despite the bottle being full. I know most people unplug the sensor and call it good but I'd like to get mine working if possible. What are the values for full/empty reading?
  17. bigalpha

    Quick balljoint question

    Getting a shopping list together and was going to get the Moog k3134T joints, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't a problem that they are the 'problem solver' type. It's my understanding that the housing is every so slightly bigger?
  18. bigalpha

    Is name brand worth it?

    Is buying name-brand parts always worth the extra cost? What's the difference between the 'economy', 'standard replacement', and 'premium' sections on RockAuto.
  19. bigalpha

    Hatch locked and won't unlock - how to open?

    As the title says: the hatch is locked, won't unlock and thus won't open. I crawled in the back and started trying to pry the panel off to reach in and manual unlock it but was concerned about how the panel is attached. It seemed like the hatch panel is like the door panels - christmas tree...
  20. bigalpha

    Observations - replacing door and fixing steering column

    My 1992 got stolen and in the process the thieves ripped a hole in the door and broke the steering column. Column Here is a link to a complete tear down of a GM style column. You can install an 89 steering column shroud onto a 1992. The 1989 key cylinder uses a bolt to retain it in the...