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  1. brothrDave

    stupid stupid me Rear window needed

    Hey there i did dumb thing I broke my rear window on the hatchback anyone got one sitting around? also does anyone have a working Dana 35/ 3.55 gears for a friends DD his is ready to snap thank you
  2. brothrDave

    drivers meeting time

    what time is the drivers meeting Sat @ deer valley anybody know what time we are hitting the trail
  3. brothrDave

    When is Sierra fest/deer valley/slick rock run

    I cant find the thread on runs ie: deer valley????? I cant find it Im I missing something:anon:
  4. brothrDave

    stupid crown vic brake question!!

    I have crown Vic disc brakes on 91 xj having hard time bleeding them and getting a good pedal they will not stop rear axle in less I pump the pedal and was told by a friend that the bleeder valve should be on the top of the caliper is that my problem once again Help Please thxs Dave
  5. brothrDave

    Needed 2 dana 44 flanges

    I was looking for 2 Dana 44 axle flanges/part that bolts the axle to the housing G2 sent me the wrong ones with there kit and I did not check them before I pressed bearings on (Im a Dum Dum) just wondering if anybody close to the Dublin/Bayarea might have something laying around that you dont...
  6. brothrDave

    Out with the 35 bring in the 44

    UPDATE all that crap with axles, parts breaking maybe a thing of the past at least in the rear of my "junk" just waiting for it to arrive from Arizona in a couple of days change the gears install it!!! then we will see.. finally go climb over things again:clap:
  7. brothrDave

    Can someone help with Axle ID/I need 1

    out of my Dana 35 I'm looking for another for emergency trail repair with the bearing and housing together so I can carry it w/me just in case so I don't do the same damage I did last time it broke Can someone tell me what vehicle it could have come from so i can junk yard find it I can not find...
  8. brothrDave

    Help! w/c-clip 35 w/arb

    hello everyone, while @ Hollister toy run I/we (ie: My Daughter) Broke my right rear axle 35 w/ARB. So I removed the cover @ home to find that the brass tube for the locker broke also the bearing must have spun pic#1 (A) but the problem is I can not figure out how to get to the C-clips to remove...
  9. brothrDave

    Hollister Sun. 19th

    hello everyone I will be going to Hollister Sun. 19 with a couple of friends A Sami, and a 70s Bronco that was just completed and it will be a test for it and of course I'll be in my XJ If anyone wants to meet up we will be @ the main obstickle coruse around 10 am I be on channel 25 also or just...