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    Camping near the Springs?

    I'm heading out this weekend to get and away and am looking for a good spot to camp. I haven't spent much time south of Denver so I'm not familiar with much down there. Do you Springs guys have any suggestions for the area? Anything under couple hours away would be ideal, and don't want to...
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    Shaved 60 Build

    I finally finished my rear 60 build and figured I should post a couple pics. I started with a narrowed 35 spline housing. I wanted as much clearance as possible so I started by cutting the bottom off. Here's a shot showing the clearance gained. I mocked up and cut 3/8" plate. I welded...
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    Built XJ Rear D-44

    For Sale: XJ D-44 5.38 Spicer gears, Detroit, Dutchman alloys w/5 on 5x5.5 pattern, Truss, Poison Spyder rock ring, TSM disks. It is currently set up for coils, but I can remove the link mounts and coil buckets, and I will weld on leaf perches and shock mounts if needed. Asking $850 obo...
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    Lost on Fordyce

    I lost a green tool box with fishing tackle in it, and a "Fish Arizona" sticker on it. I think it was before winch hill #1. I'd pay shipping plus a $100 reward if anyone picked it up. Thanks. -Jon
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    Boatside Rockers

    I finally welded the new boatside rocker panels into place. I would have preferred to tie the rockers into the subframe, but the original rockers were so damaged, everything had to be cut out. The original sill plates and vertical floorboard area were re-enforced with 3/16" plate, and the new...
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    Detail Time

    I'm in the final planning stages for the California trip, and need a little info to get some details worked out. #1: Trailor parking: Can you recommend a fairly safe area to park the tow rig and trailor? I'm in for the entire trip, including Fordyce and Barrett Lake. Is there a convenient...
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    Carnage Memorial Morning?

    Is anyone interested in a quick trip to Carnage on Monday morning? We could hit the trail early enough to be home for afternoon BBQ's... I'm thinking of meeting at the trailhead around 9-9:30. -Jon
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    4.56's on Tap

    What else can you do with your old gears? They were too good to just go in the trash. -Jon
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    Colorado and Rubicon Trip

    I already posted this in the Rubicon forum, but I don't know if anyone is looking into both trips.... Are any of you guys planning on running both the Colorado and Cali trips? I have vacation planned for mid-August and I'm trying to see if it is possible to run both events. It appears the...
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    Colorado and Rubicon Trip

    Are any of you guys planning on running both the Colorado and Cali trips? I have vacation planned for mid-August and I'm trying to see if it is possible to run both NAXJA events. It appears the Colorado trip ends the same day the Rubicon trip begins, and I'd like to see if there is a good...
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    Front 4 Link Finished & Tested

    I finally finished the front triangulated 4 link just in time to make it to EJS (with 50 hours of wrenching in 3 days). As you know, it is a TIGHT fit, but everything just fits. I still need to tweak the rear spring rates to balance the front and rear suspensions, but overall I am extremely...
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    Front 4 Link Modeling

    I'm still trying to squeeze a true four link in the front, and have finally gotten around to setting up a scale model. In the current model, the lower arms are 32" and the uppers are 26". My biggest concern is how much lateral movement the axle will exhibit while flexed. It appears there is...
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