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  1. 2xtreme

    Springs Shocks and Swaybars

    Over the last couple of months I have noticed a very large number of posts/threads that consistently make it sound like one can compensate for another and this should not be the case. A stiff shock does not compensate for a soft spring. A stiff shock does not compensate for a lack of a sway...
  2. 2xtreme

    Off Road Camping Trailer

    For those that are interested here is the website with much more information: I know there has been lots of interest in these in the past and just thought I would pass on the information on a new one. Michael
  3. 2xtreme

    500$ Hanson Offroad Gift Certificate

    Guys, I have a $500 gift certificate to be used for parts or merchandise from Hanson Offroad. They make some of the best bumpers available for Jeeps, Toyotas, Broncos. They also make a long list of other products. This has no time limit to be used. I would be...
  4. 2xtreme

    Auburn Car Repair Rocks!

    I just wanted to thank John and Jason for your assistance again. You guys are always wonderful to deal with and I really appreciate your help, especially in short notice! I may not have a toy to play with off road at the moment but I am one step closer since I now have a new (to me) tow rig...
  5. 2xtreme

    1989 Jeep Cherokee For Sale

    I listed my Jeep for sale in the North West Chapter Forums. Basic details: 4.0 with 205K miles (runs and drives great with no issue, leaks, etc). AT and 231 with SYE. Hybrid cage and harnesses and custom buckets up front. 4.5" lift 33" tires on double bead lock wheels. Locked front, spooled...
  6. 2xtreme

    NW Fest Thank You's

    I just wanted to say thank you to a few people for their time/effort in making NW Fest what it was. My son and I had a great time wheeling with some old friends and meeting a few new ones. Dustin, Thanks for your attention to detail and coordination, your position is a unappreciated one and I...
  7. 2xtreme

    Walker Valley Grant Funding (this is where we do our part!)

    Guys, This is where the DNR asks for all of the input from users of our ORV parks in order to get the funding that they need to keep them maintained. Our input is a direct reflection of how much money goes to keep these places operational. Here is the letter and contact info if you want to...
  8. 2xtreme

    Epic Run Lottery

    I am opening this up for comments, opinions, thoughts, etc. The epic run is designed to be an endurance wheeling trip for a group. It takes mental, physical, and mechanical effort by the group as a whole to be successful. With this in mind, I would like to propose a lottery for this years...
  9. 2xtreme

    Reiter Foothills DNR update (Work Party 5/16)

    Next Workparty, mapping out motorized trails!!!!! May 16th, 9:30AM May 5, 2010 IN THIS UPDATE: · Progress Report · What’s Next · Get Involved - Help Support DNR Grant Funding Requests! Progress Report On Saturday, May 1, Reiter Trail Watch organized a free chainsaw...
  10. 2xtreme

    Trail Leaders Wanted

    It is about that time for those of you who know some of these trails to sign up and help lead a group. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I really need at least 1 person to take on the responsibility for each of the trails rides on our schedule. NW Fest 2010 June...
  11. 2xtreme

    Basic Vehicle and Trail Preparedness Checklist

    Re: Basic Vehicle and Trail Preparedness checklist BASIC VEHICLE AND TRAIL PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST Pre Event Planning □ Know where you are going (Maps, Trail information, GPS waypoints, What to expect) □ Know what time you are starting and plan to be done (Meeting time and Leaving time) □...
  12. 2xtreme

    Reiter Foothills DNR update

    April 7, 2010 IN THIS UPDATE: · Vandalism….We need your help · Progress report · What’s next · Get involved! Vandalism…We need your help Recently, vandals damaged a large sign at Reiter Foothills Forest. Acts of vandalism like this cost us all money and...
  13. 2xtreme

    Hypothermia Run 2010 (Evans Creek)

    The 4th Annual Hypothermia Run. March 13th - 14th, 2010 I have been holding off on this event hopeing that we might still get a bunch of snow and now I have kind of given up on that idea and am now hoping that we can do this soon enough before what snow is up in the mountains is gone. With...
  14. 2xtreme

    Reiter Foothills DNR update

    Reiter Foothills Forest Restoration Work Party 9:30 to 3 p.m. February 13 Meet at the large gravel parking area, off Reiter Road. Join other volunteers and staff from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to help repair environmental damage to May Creek in the Reiter...
  15. 2xtreme

    Northwest Fest Trail Schedule

    NW Fest 2010 June 25-27th Naches, Washington Friday, June 25th Easy Run (if needed) Leave at 11:00AM (3Hrs up to Rock, 2Hrs back down) Rod will trail lead. 1702, 1720, Bald Mt, C.J.R.s Hideout, Moon Rocks/Funny Rocks, Milk Lake, 1708 Moderate Run, Leave at 9:00AM (12 rig max) (4 Hrs up to...
  16. 2xtreme

    Basic Vehicle and Trail Preparedness checklist

    As I promissed I would put together a basic checklist for Noobfest at Walker Valley. This is intended to be a useful document for people to use to help themselves be prepared for trail rides. It is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list, and it is not intended to mean that you need all...
  17. 2xtreme

    Vehicle and Trail Preparedness Checklist

    This is intended to be a useful document for people to use to help themselves be prepared for trail rides. It is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list, and it is not intended to mean that you need all of these items to participate in an event. It is only meant to help provide some...
  18. 2xtreme

    NWFest 2010 trail schedule

    This is the trail schedule that we ran last year. I am posting this along with some comments to make changes. I need volunteers for the trail runs (leaders). I also need input as to what you want to see more of and less of. Thursday, June 25th No run's planed Friday, June 26th Easy Run (if...
  19. 2xtreme

    Happy Late Birthday Metal Thrasher!!

    Tracey, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Maybe get a few minutes to work on the Jeep ;) Michael
  20. 2xtreme

    Buggy Build

    Don't get too excited. Just planning at the moment. Considering my record so far it could be a while before I start anything but I thought I would see what you guys think and I would appreciate any input to make sure I am working in the right direction before I start bending tube and collecting...