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  1. Walter B.

    Looking for Work in WA

    I have a friend who is looking for work in Washington (preferably around Mt.Rainier). He is an experienced Surveyor and he was hoping someone here might know of a job opening in their area. Thanks, Walter B.
  2. Walter B.

    Absent Minded in Missouri

    I forgot to make reservations at Ridgway. Anybody mind splitting a site with me? It will just be my tent and me. I should be arriving late afternoon on the 7th. Thanks, Walter B.
  3. Walter B.

    Going shopping need help

    I'm looking around for good prices JD Squared (2) Model 3 tubing bender so far I've found the bender w/ degree ring for $266.50, the dies I want 1.75 O.D. X 5.5 CLR $200.00 and 1.5 O.D. X 4.5 CLR for $185.00. Anybody found better prices? TIA Walter B.
  4. Walter B.


    I would like to request that my member# be put under my Name Thanks, Walter B. NAXJA Member #311
  5. Walter B.

    To Goose neck or not to goose neck that is My Question

    My XJ is just got promoted to trailer queen status and I was wondering what kind of trailer everyone uses/prefers? Is a goose neck better than a drop hitch? Should I get trailer brakes? What kind of break controller if I get trailer breaks? The tow rig is a 04' Dodge Ram 2500 with a Hemi...
  6. Walter B.

    New 33X12.5R15 BFG Mud TA KM's

    For Sale 4 new 33X12.5R15 BFG Mud TA km's & 1 new BFG AT ko of the same size. All the tires are currently mounted and the Mud TA's have 7 miles on them the AT has never been on the XJ. Selling for $675.00 for all five tires. I am located in Columbia, MO 65201. Buyer is responsible for any...