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  1. terrehautian

    1999 XJ Classic

    Due to financial burden that I need to start digging myself out of, I need to sell a less used toy. If you are serious with offers, put them up, but I am pretty set on my price. 1999 XJ 201,6XX miles (I bought with 148k in 2009) Inline 6/AW4 4.5" IRO lift kit with new leaf springs (rear is...
  2. terrehautian

    Badlands in May

    Some Saturday (can't say which until my wife gets her schedule for that time which she hasn't even put in yet), anyone up for Badlands? I know it won't be the 7th as I have a motorcycle ride pending I can get out of dad duties for a few hours.
  3. terrehautian

    For sale, two led pod lights

    I bought these from smash hole thinking about using them on my xj, decided to just use the light bar I am getting since I rarely drive the xj anymore. Never installed or powered. Will include dual light remote harness. $75 is what I would like, I believe I paid $35 a piece for the lights and...
  4. terrehautian

    May 9th Badlands or Redbird?

    Want to take Sarah out since she hasn't been out in the XJ since I lifted it, I haven't been to Redbird. Up for either but would like to have someone who knows the trails at either place because I know how to get to the Quarry and some of Green at Badlands and that is it.
  5. terrehautian

    Free membership for someone details inside this thread.

    I hope this is okay to post this. Anyone who is not a member and wants to be one or wants to renew but cannot afford to do so, I would like to donate you a membership to help the chapter win the chapter win membership month. If you are interested, please post up in here. I will pick someone...
  6. terrehautian

    Stuff I am getting and giving away at WF

    This is more to keep track of things for me but feel free to add in if you need to keep track. Giving away *Magnet base CB antenna - Dan *Pill shaped smoker- altrocker
  7. terrehautian

    Help with rims purchase

    I lifted my XJ and put Goodyear MTR's on it (31"), result is now with stock rims, I rub at full lock. Will these rims fix the rubbing issue. I will not be going with spacers and I don't care about style of rims, just want...
  8. terrehautian

    Free stuff

    Going through stuff I don't need. Starting out I have a set of leaf springs I bought off of dan. Going to scrap yard if no one needs them.
  9. terrehautian

    Terrehautian's where I have been, where I want to go, how do I get there build thread

    Starting out what my XJ looked like when I first got it. I originally got it just so I could haul my kayak and have a back up vehicle. I really never had any intentions of wheeling it. When I first got it. The car I had at the time (piece of crap went through three lower intake manifold...
  10. terrehautian

    Winterfest Multi media thread

    I have photos, but will post them later. Here is the video of the barbie jeep races.
  11. terrehautian

    Where is the barbie jeep races this year?

    After last years, I wouldn't miss this years.
  12. terrehautian

    TH's list to swap

    I will be there on at least Saturday and I have four resisters for LED bulbs (turn signals as the back up and brake take LEDs no problem). Free. If anyone has any shocks for when I budget boost, I would be interested in those. Also some quick disco's also.
  13. terrehautian

    Midwest member invading your area

    Will be in Tuscaloosa next week on a mission trip and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up with my fiance and myself at Dreamland BBQ next Friday night? On the other note, if anyone in Nashville wants to meet up some place (Jacks BBQ) on Saturday for lunch, we are stopping in Nashville for...
  14. terrehautian

    Badlands next weekend

    Brian(Btaylor) texted me and said he wanted to go. I am getting better, but don't know where I can go and how to get most anywhere there and seeing if anyone wanted to go.
  15. terrehautian

    Winterfest 2013 pictures/videos

    Uploading over a hundred pictures right now so I will post in here when I get that done.
  16. terrehautian

    January Badlands trip

    Anyone interested in wheeling (if I drive my XJ, stock) on the 5th of January? I know with Brian getting his newest XJ he wants to take it out also. I don't know the trails that well so someone that knew the area would be nice to wheel with. Date is flexible also
  17. terrehautian

    For anyone in Tuscaloosa

    I have two free sub coupons for Jimmy Johns on Lurleen B. Wallave Blvd near First Baptist Church. I got them when I was down there on a mission trip last week with Samaritans Purse and didn't realize it was only good for that location. First one to post on here that wants them, they are yours...
  18. terrehautian

    Pekin (Daisy Hill Area) tornado photos.

    Saturday I spent the day in southern Indiana with Samaritans Purse cleaning up after an ef4 tornado went through. As I said before, I thought I knew what to expect. As soon as we drove past the first major destruction, the entire van went silent. The SP disaster recovery unit #5. It was...
  19. terrehautian

    $50 for tools at Sears

    Got another Christmas present this weekend (if I had gotten to friends parents house at Christmas would have gotten it then) and it is a 50 dollar gift card to Sears, since I got some sets of sockets and other tools, what should I get that would be good having inside my XJ (maybe even a set to...
  20. terrehautian

    WF multi media thread

    Photos and video in here (someone had to start one). In no real order, just my photos. I will work on video later. The start of the fire Saturday night. FIRE AT WILL! Troy (BigRed I think). XJJosh95 and Bustin Loose "tug of war" More tug of war photos