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  1. StinkyFab

    SFR Trail Proof Crossmember & T-case Skid

    SFR Trail Proof XJ/MJ Crossmember and T-case skid A couple months ago we released our new Long Arm suspension kits, and one of the things we did a bit differently from others is that we do not replace the crossmember. Our suspension brackets are completely independent from the crossmember and...
  2. StinkyFab

    SFR 3 and 4 link long arm kits now available.

    We spent quite a bit of time developing our new suspension kits, and we'd like to think they are among the best on the market today. Instead of trying to build the cheapest or easiest way, we focused on getting the best geometry we could with the strongest bracket attachment method. I cringe...
  3. StinkyFab

    SFR Independence day savings!

    If you've been waiting to order a steering kit, Motor Mounts, Transmission mount, or any of the other products SFR makes now is the time. This is the biggest savings event of the year!
  4. StinkyFab

    SFR at SoCal Fest

    Looking forward to being there again to have some fun with everyone, and this time in a Jeep even! Gonna be the first time out for the Lab Rat, so I'll apologize ahead of time if there are any teething pains. With that in mind however I'm planning on sponsoring a moderate level run and hope...
  5. StinkyFab

    SFR SuperSoft Motor Mounts, say goodbye to vibration.

    Yesterday we announced that we'll now be zinc plating all of our engine plates, and today I get to make an even bigger announcement. This is something that we have been working on for a really long time, and it's finally here and ready for you to enjoy. For as long as people have been putting...
  6. StinkyFab

    Making a good thing even better.

    Our Trail Proof Engine Plates were one of the first vehicle specific products we started selling here many years ago and we've had great success with them and had many happy customers. Now I'm really happy to announce that we've added a bit of an improvement to them. As of now all our Wrangler...
  7. StinkyFab

    SFR Front Frame Reinforcement Kit

    Now in stock and ready to ship! We decided to put together a truly complete front frame reinforcement kit for the XJ/MJ platform. We include the steering box spacer that others charge $50...
  8. StinkyFab

    MJ Taillight replacements

    Those of you who would like to replace the hard to find stock taillights may wanna take a look at the boxes I made for the SFR Lab Rat. Here's the thread from the other forum. I'm planning to make these parts available if there's interest...
  9. StinkyFab

    Thanksgiving savings from SFR!

    Our best prices ever on a ton of our most popular products, this weekend through Monday only. No special code needed! Tell your friends!
  10. StinkyFab

    SFR Trail Proof Motor Mounts

    There are a lot of reasons these are one of our best selling products. One is that the stock mounts fail at an alarming rate, but here are a few of the reasons ours are the best on the market. Available here at the lowest prices around...
  11. StinkyFab

    SFR PREMIUM 1-Ton Steering Kits

    I've been talking about this kit over on my Lab Rat build thread, but wanted to officially announce it here. We are now proud to introduce our new Premium 1-Ton Steering kits. We're also offering special introductory pricing while we ramp up production! So what makes it "Premium"? 1.5"...
  12. StinkyFab

    The Lab Rat - SFR's R&D Comanche

    So some of you might find this a little hard to believe, but in 14 years of business I've worked on countless Jeeps, done significant builds on dozens including a few very competitive racecars, but had never actually owned a Jeep until now. And I popped my cherry with a little white...
  13. StinkyFab

    SFR OTK Track Bar Kit now available

    We've noticed a lot of people wanting to do OTK 1-ton steering on their rigs, and one of the toughest parts with that is getting the track bar geometry right. Well since we already make the brackets I figured it was time to put together a kit that makes the job easy. This kit comes with both...
  14. StinkyFab

    4th of July Special from SFR, FREE SWAG!

    Independence day is right around the corner, and we hope you all have a fantastic weekend planned with friends and family. We figure there are probably going to be a lot of bottles to be opened, so in that spirit we decided to help you out with that. From now until the 10th we'll be throwing in...
  15. StinkyFab

    Memorial Day Savings from SFR!

    We've got a holiday weekend coming up and I'm currently in the shop putting together a ton of inventory, so why not have a sale! Enter coupon code "Memorial16" at checkout and you'll get 15% off all of our products. If you've been waiting to order your engine plates, motor mounts...
  16. StinkyFab

    Starting from scratch, hotrod style

    Someone noticed my long term project in the background of Cal's pics, so I figured I'd share here. It's a 1968 Beetle, minus most of the beetle. I bought the car as an empty shell close to a decade ago with the idea of building something fun for the street and racetrack. The plan has been in my...
  17. StinkyFab

    SoCal Fest Savings!

    I posted this in the specials section, but figured it might get seen by the right people more in here. I'll be coming up friday afternoon, hopefully leaving San Diego by 1 or so to miss traffic. If anyone wants to save some money on shipping...
  18. StinkyFab

    SoCal Fest Savings!

    Looking forward to joining everyone up in Big Bear next weekend. There will be some SFR product in the raffle, and I'll also be bringing some stuff up for sale. To make it even better for you guys I'm offering a SoCal Fest special on our Trail Proof Engine Mounting plates. Just type in the...
  19. StinkyFab

    SFR at KOH.

    Just wanted to let you guys know, we will be attending KOH to support a couple teams this year and if you have been wanting to order any products we can deliver to the lakebed and save you the cost of shipping. We'll also be offering special cash pricing for those who arrange ahead of time...
  20. StinkyFab

    New XJ Products from SFR!

    We just rolled out our complete High Roller WJ steering and brake kit last week and I wanted to let you guys know about some of the parts that we will be selling separately from the kit for you guys that like to build it your own way. Many of these parts will also work with different setups, and...