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    Rough Country Cross Member Alignment Seems Off.

    Finally got round to installing my 6 inch rough country long arm lift kit for my 97 xj. Ill be sure to get some pictures up when i get it finished. Just a quick question when installing the new cross member the holes for the bolts are in the middle of the jeep whereas the old cross member had...
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    bolt remove ontop of leaf spring pack

    Im trying to remove the rear axle and went to disconnect it from the leafspring pack. I got the shock and the ubolts etc off now there is one size 13 screw straight threw the pack into the top of the axle. I tried to unscrew but just goes round and round.... i cant get to wherever the other side...
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    12.2 miles per gallon please check my math.

    Ok not a math wizz someone please double check my math. Here in the middle east gas costs 0.8 Q.R. per litre. I filled my jeep up went to the dessert thrashed around and drove back filled it to the top again it cost 28 q.r. and i drove 181 km. 28 / 0.8 = 35 so i used 35 litres to go 181km...
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    Turn your Auto in to a Manual!

    Ive never used this before was just wondering if anyone had and if so what were the results. If it works as well as it says this would be a worth while mod. Supposedly you can turn on and off the manual aspect and you get a neat up and down shifter with LED's to show which...
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    Cant remove ruel rail or injectors. !

    Ok so i have a 97 XJ automatic which has sum seriouse engine problems the mechanic says it needs to be torn all the way down to get to the problem. As i have sum spare time i thought i would give it a go. So with Haynes manual and tools at the ready i started tearing into the engine. So heres...
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    Is the XJ engine the same as the TJ YJ?

    Im sure this is a noob question but i did search :D Is the engine from the TJ or YJ the same as the 4.0 HO fitted in the cherokee XJ? The reason i wanted to know is that i have seen the Avenger super charger but it says that it is only for the TJ and YJ i wanted to know if this was due to some...
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    Upgrading transfer case selector?

    Tried searching but im sure im just using the wrong terms cos im from UK. I recently upgrade my transmission mounts and now the link between my 4x4 selector and the t-case dosent link up properly. I hate the cluncky selctor anyway and i was wondering if there is a way to change it to a cable...
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    How to Up the rev limiter?

    Im looking at a performance cam and was wondering what the easyist way to up the redline or remove it intirely. Thanks in advance. Jarvis