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    CA Smog and performance upgrades

    I live in socal and thus smog checks every 2 years. I'm wondering what are some smog safe mods Also what is the deal with smog and a stroker? I saw some mention that the emissions are about the same if not cleaner in a stroker, but I'm concerned with the visual inspection. Maybe I'm dumb but...
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    sealing a windshield

    My windshield was replaced right before I bought the jeep. Recently it seems to be leaking, Right in the top center, right above the rearview mirror. I lifted up a side of the rubber and it looks like there is no sealant other in there at all. My understanding is all I have to do is get some...
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    Eliminating the console

    I saw a joke in a thread the other day that was commenting on a column shift in an XJ and started thinking it might be a fun mod to eliminate the console section of my XJ. Of the three parts(shifter, Park brake, tcase shifter), the Park break appears to be a pretty easy swap from a Comanche. The...
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    possible snow issues

    Are there any tips as far as maintaining mechanical functionality for a jeep that is use to warm weather but will be parked in snow for about 10 days? weather report says it will get down to about 20, several inches of snow is possible and it will be in an open parking lot. My XJ grew up in...
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    test run in OC

    The lift is as finished as its gonna get for now so I'm hoping to take it out somewhere easy this weekend. nothing fancy, just to get it(and me) out and going. I was thinking of silverado as its close to me and as i understand it, pretty easy. Was hoping I could convince someone local to...