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    Please hear me out on this one

    I know that what I am about to say is like blasphemy but....I have run out of time on my project. Not patience but time. I have a 90 cherokee that I got the engine rebuilt, and pretty much fully assembled. I am missing a few sensors and some piping. I deploy and train A LOT. I thought that...
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    Long Block Assembly instructions

    Hey there, I know that this is going to sound stupid as hell, but I need instructions for long block assembly. I was wondering if anyone has like a .pdf, or a website that takes you through the reassembly process. My Chiltons manual was written for this, it just says reassemble the way it came...
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    1990 Replacment Renix engine

    Alright guys, for some reason, I cannot post on the WTB section. I have tried read things, but can't get my account to post their. Onto my post. I am looking for a running Renix straight 6 engine. Mine runs but has a rod knock. If anyone is going to stroke, maybe we could work out a deal. Or if...
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    2 Different Rear Main Seal 1990 Cherokee Limited

    Alright guys, it is time for me to ask the collective minds here at NAXJA a question. This weekend I pulled the oil pan on my 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited with the 4.0ltr 242 engine. I needed to replace the rod bearings and while I was in there I decided to replace the rear main seal. I got the...