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    XJ OEM front skid.

    hey guys.. got a OEM XJ front skid for sale. no dents. nothing. good condition. a little dirty but its a jeep.... anyways... ill have pics later tonite when i get home from work. $40.00 picked up FIRM. im located in Gaithersburg, MD. will meet u somewhere reasonable distance from me for...
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    IRONMAN 4x4 FAB FTMFW! AWESOME trackbars.

    so. if you havent found the right trackbar, and searching for jsut a strait up beefy trackbar, Ironman4x4 is the way to go. i was selling my jeep and had a bad trackbar, so i decided to buy a cheap trackbar.. when i got it (7weeks later.. andy was waiting on energy suspension bushings and he...
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    1990 Jeep Cherokee Delphi Fuel Pump. BNIB.

    hey guyys. got this for my jeep... ended up selling my jeep.. kid ended up wrecking my jeep... no more than 24hours into owning it...... soo now i have this Brand new fuel pump that i will probably never need.. it is brand spanking new still in the plastic.. opened once to take pics... im...
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    fast clicking noise comming from the front of my engine..

    the ticking noise is comming from either my alternator, fan, or some other puilley i got in front.. anyone have heard this noise?? nothing is touching and the shroud isnt hitting the fan.... when i rev the car it goes away.
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    WTB: 1990 XJ gas tank.

    Hey i am lookin to buy a 1990 XJ gas tank. mine is dented to shit and i need a new one. if anyone has one lmk i am located in Damascus, MD.
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    RC LCA's RC drop pitman arm, and JKS quick discos

    i just put long arms on and now i have my RC LCA's i got with my 4.5in lift kit. $25.00 + shipping I have a BRAND NEW RC drop pitman arm. $40.00 + shipping (retails for $70.00) Also have a set of JKS quik d/c have very mellow use on them. $75.00 + shipping pics will be up monday.
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    *ROUGH COUNTRY LONG ARM* install With Pictures.

    sup Sorry for waiting so long been busy with other shit. I purchased this kit because the price was unbeatable... The saying goes you Get what you paid for, But ive never had a problem with anything RC.. i have the 4.5in Lift kit and Shea has there springs so i thought why not and save some...
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    JKS Bar pin eliminator. BRANDNEW!

    sup guys i ended up not using these for my build. and i dont want them to sit around and not get used. its a set of JKS bar pin eliminators. drops the shock travel down almost 2 inches. lookin for $30.00 SHIPPED. i think there like $35.00New + shipping. these are BRAND NEW NEVER mounted.
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    Loud POP noise.

    hey so ive searched and checked and replaced and checked and its still here... i have a 1990 XJ 4.5in RC lift kit the shocks i am replacing with bilsteins here soon, and i just replaced the tie rod ends and about to replace the drag link ends as well.. i have the Rustys HD tie rod kit. i...
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    WANTED: cheap steel rim.

    WANTED:! 15x8 Crager soft 8 or other cheap steel rim. cash in hand just PM me. :cheers:
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    overheating and blowing resevoirs along the way.

    I have a 1990 Laredo Automatic blah blah blah. just put new thermostat, lower hose and resevoir with new hoses going to it. just did my headgasket3 weeks ago. Driving around town and even going on the highway locally for short periods of time (30-45min) the jeep drives awesome.. never...
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    Doors off no Radio. :(

    Soo my welds broke on My door hinge (previous owner was a big fat dude that i guess used the door as a way to thrust his ogre like self into the vehicle..) Anyways, i took off both doors and now my Radio wont work. wtf?! its a 1990 Jeep cherokee Laredo. any suggestions?
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    Wont Start..... after cleaning engine bay..?!

    Soo after a weekend up at Green Ridge state park i was driving home and my lower rad hose blew. towed it to my shop and replaced it the next day. the truck did overheat and it did stall on me on the side of the road though. Replaced the hose and filled up with coolant and decided to power...