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    So I will be vacationing in temecula

    Will be down in the area of temecula for vacation should arrive monday will be enjoying myself some southern cali weather soon I can't wait.. Utah's inversion and cold I am tired of it. I can't take the jeep this time though, needs a little work and long drive. She doesn't want to drive in it...
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    Maybe moving from utah to the area.

    Hey I'm Justin From salt lake. I drive a green 00' xj I may be moving to temecula about the first of the year. Wife is hard up on moving out there. So may I ask what is out there besides Johnson valley and such for wheelin'? Also temecula for jobs what is around if anyone can fill me in? I have...
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    New U-joints have play? Help please.

    So After installing my rebuilt drive shafts both axle end joints have play side to side on the yolk end, and not on the shaft end. Has anyone ran into this? I read somewhere that I should have replaced my straps but it isn't the caps that are moving. Just the joint inside of the caps. It is...
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    R&P Gear Question

    Checking my rear end out I think to myself, that my past pinion angle fail and fail at doing my first rear end has continued to haunt me (4.5* difference between the drivshaft and pinion in the rear cv shaft. in the last three weeks rebuilt tcase and front/rear drive lines due to poor angles)...
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    BFG KM2 or ProComp MT

    Can't find any Goodyear MTRs anywhere... Moving on to my next choices BFG KM2 or ProComp MT. Only tires I have purchased were Bridgestone Duller AT Revos I loved the tires. It's time to move up to some big boy tires. Has anyone had these and liked them? Not like them for a particular reason?
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    FS: Tires and rims

    Selling 5 tires and rims (gambler style) $550. 4 31x10.50R15 Bridgestone Dueler Revo AT tires with about 6/32s of tread. 1 31x10.50R15 BFG AT Still has the molding nubs on it. Note: I still have these rims on my Jeep for driving. They should be off and ready to deliver within two weeks...
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    Wanted: Dana 44 rear.

    I just found a front 44 he said he had front and rear. When I got there the rear was an Amc 20. So now my search continues... I am looking for a waggy or similar 44 rear If anyone has for a fair price pm me please thank you.
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    FS: stock rear driveshaft

    Anyone looking for a stock drive shaft I don't need mine anymore. willing to accept moneys or a decent 3/8 drive flex head ratchet Snap-on, Mac or Cornwell even if it is broken of those brands... mine broke need for work and what not. anyways give me a call or txt 8017084619 I am Justin if i...
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    Sky Jacker shocks FS

    Shocks for sale for a Cherokee with a 2 inch lift. I just bought some new shocks that will work for my 4 inch so I don't need my old skyjackers for my 2 inch If anyone needs let me know. They were purchased right before moab 08 and have maybe 10k miles on them and work perfect. If you need let...