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    Since I cant post anywhere else but here

    How do I get a hold of a mod or someone who can tell me why I cant post in any other forum? Thanks
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    rock rings

    I was just on a site last night (no, cant remember which one) that sold the diff rings by themselves (to make your own diff cover or use as protection of the lip) and they sold them already built diff covers. Anyone know who that is? Thanks p.s. they had D30 and 8.25 along with many others
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    Another homebrew Longarm setup

    Basically tired of the short arms and time to move up. Have 96 XJ 6" lift, homebrew crossmember 2x6 3/16wall. Started making the LA's Lowers 2x2 - 1/4" wall Uppers 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 - 1/4" wall Going to use poly bushings on one end of lowers and uppers. Wanting to use these on the adjustable end of...
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    quick ? in making la's

    What size DOM is average for lower and upper CA's. What wall thickness? Thanks
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    control arm lenght vs lift

    Yes searched and used a chart I found a while back but now have questions. Been running 6" lift with stock control arms for about 5 years. After some additions to my XJ and fixing some issues I wanted to lengthen my control arms. The chart I used is here...
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    lca bushing removal

    I know I searched and didnt find anything that I was looking for. even tried JU with no luck. I havent replaced the lca bushings before, just the lca themselves with same kind (stock). I have changed the uca bushings and used the harbour freight 3 in 1 service kit. It doenst seem to work on the...
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    Gas tank skid nut strip

    Just made this drawing in paint in case i need to make another nut strip. Here it is if someone wants to make one someday.
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    XJ parts into TJ

    1.Anyone know if an complete A/C system from a 96 XJ fit into a 95 TJ? A coworker has the TJ and I have the parts from the XJ. I dont know if there interchangable or not. Will the condensor and everything else fit? I know the compressor will. 2.Also, will a limited slip from my XJ 8.25 rear...
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    1996 XJ parts

    Just picked this up the other day. 96 White XJ stock everything. This is a bare bones XJ with no amenities. I am keeping engine, tranny, axles, transfer case, front plastic grill, plastic around headlights, doors, steal engine skid, transfer case skid and anything else I cant remember. Basically...
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    JKS Bar Pin Eliminators

    Anyone have any that they can get some measurements for me. I have the aluminum and would like to make a few pairs while at work this weekend. Here is a pic of what I'm needing. Thanks
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    Another Cage tread

    I know I searched already but didnt find what I was looking for. Looking at putting a cage in the XJ 96 4door. Was looking at c&c but couldnt tell if they were prenotched or not. For $425 plus shipping it might not be too bad but dont know about the Hrew. I read a while ago here about someone...
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    Check out my sons Jeep project! Its my sons JEEP....
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    Check out my sons Project!

    Not so much XJ tech but modified Jeep non the less. Maybe you all with kids can get some ideas.
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    Need some help with parts

    Yes I have searched but apparently I cant find what I'm looking for. I have gone through the million jeep parts websites I have bookmarked and still no dice. Also havent been on Naxja in quite a while so been outa the loop. Ok here goes: 1. Need OTK steering-who sells besides Rustys? 2. Need LA...
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    8.25 bearing and seal replacements

    Any writeups on this or is this pretty straight forward? I did search and found very little info. Just pry out the seal, use bearing puller and installer to install new bearing and seals? Any other info I might be missing? Thanks Jeff
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    Not a newbie......Best size rim for 33's?

    No I'm not a newbie, been running a 12" wide rim (free so I dont want to hear it) with 4" BS for a few years now with 33x12.50x15's with no probs till the last time I was out. One tire completely off rim and the other almost came off (lost the air but was able to refill). I am running 6" lift so...
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    Moving LCA Mounts up

    I know there was a tread a while ago about this but cant find it. Yes I tried searching. I was going to rebuild all the mounts since mine are hammered and move them up at the same time. A link would be nice if you have it. THanks Jeff
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    Had to use the snorkel yesterday!

    Well, didnt have to but did anyways. Was going turkey hunting and it has been raining around here for 2 days straight pretty hard. The place I go has a creek running the full lenght of the roads which is usaually 10' wide. Yesterday morning after it quit raining they were around 20-50 yards in...
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    What did you all use to mount a tire carrier to rear bumber?

    Just made a swing out tire carrier for the ol' XJ and used poly bushings. Only thing is is when I open it the weight causes it to sag. Esp when you add a tire to it. Trying to look into some kind of bearing. A buddy of mine is going to get some brass made the exact same size as the poly bushings...