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    Brake bleeding tools; What do you use?

    I just finished up a complete brake job on an older Buick. After doing the typical open bleed valve, push pedal, close valve trick for bleeding the brakes Im looking to pick up something to make that part of the job easier. What do you use/recommend? Speed bleed valves or Vacuum Pumps? I would...
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    Anyone with Alldata; Im looking for rotor thickness info

    Im going to be performing a brake system overhaul on a family friends 1992 Buick Park Ave. Im wondering what the minimum allowed rotor thickness is? I would like to have the rotors resurfaced vs. having them pay for new if its not needed. I tried the local Buick dealer but they did not have a...
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    Steering feels like it ratchets while turning

    Hard to describe the issue but I will try my best. When making low speed turns, left or right, I get what I can only describe as a ratcheting effect which translates through the steering wheel. Meaning while making the low speed turn the steering will go soft, then seems to stiffen up, then...
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    Rock Auto close out pricing

    Lots of brake parts and electrical goodies on close out. It pulls up stuff for my '96, fyi. Just passing this on.
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    Battery was dead for no apparent reason

    '96 4.0 Aw4 NP242. 180k miles. Last night, after work, I tired to start the XJ up but she had no power from the battery. Put the jump pack on it and she fired right up. The volt gauge showed 14v which I assumed was due to the dead battery. I took the long way home to allow the battery to...
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    Vetro Tire Carrier

    Anyone know if this will hold a 31" tire? Local guy has one for sale, as they are NOS I can not find any info on them. Wondering if it will hold a 31" tire without falling apart. Thanks
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    PE is not your fault

    The comments are better then the article. :moon:
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    Think I need a new radiator?

    This is what my radiator looks like and manages to keep my XJ cool in the summer. I just wanted to share what Michigan road salt does and that even a craptastic radiator can keep an XJ cool if the rest of the system works right. Disclaimer; Average summer heat wave is 90* with 80% humidity so...
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    Leaf spring clamps rattle

    When I built my bastard pack I used the cheap-o leaf spring clamps that RE sends with their AAL kit's. They look like this... After a few wheeling trips they have worked loose and love to rattle. Wondering if something like these would be a good or bad idea? Or if there is a better fix to...
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    Coolant in oil but the Head Gasket looks good

    '96 4.0 w/ AW4 So long story short, changed the oil last weekend and it was half coolant. Thinking it may be the head gasket I went ahead and took the head off. The head gasket that was on there looked fine. :dunno: Im taking the head into the shop on Monday to have them check it. Was...
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    Upper Control Arm bushings are bad, what to do?

    Hi all, I believe my upper control arm bushings are bad. Other then they have 180k miles on them, I have been getting a clunk under the drivers area which feels to be right at my feet. This is what led me to my dilemma and my question for you all... For my setup, RE 3.5" (actual 4.25" all...
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    How do I get the bushing into the leaf spring??

    Im trying to insert the new bushings into the leaf spring and seem to be having a very difficult time. How does one get the bushing into the leaf spring? I cut/burnt the old ones out, that was some fun. Picked up some MOOG bushings and for the life of me can not get them to go in. I have...
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    Rear Axle is off center on drivers side

    Specs: 96, 4.0, aw4, and Chry 8.25 rear end. Sitting on an RE 3.5" and 31" tires. Not really sure how to describe this but I will give it a shot. The rear axle does not sit center in the wheel well on the drivers side. On the passenger side it sits right in the middle of the wheel well. It...
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    Want to perform a compression check. One question

    Hello. Specs: '96 w/ 4.0l, aw4. I would like to perform a compression check on all the cylinders. So my question is, what is the best way to disable the ignition? Should I just remove the wire between the Coil and the Distributor and then perform the check as normal? Simple question...
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    Wont let me post or pm in for sale

    Not sure what else I must do to be able to post or PM others in the for sale. Not looking to sell anything just to buy at this time. Thanks
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    Is it my Alt or Battery?

    Tonight after work I noticed an odd electrical problem. While the heep was warming up before I take off I noticed that if I tried to roll down two windows (or all four) the engine rpm would drop about 100 rpm from idle and the volt gauge would drop to what I would say is the 10 volt mark. Does...
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    Switched to Rotella 10w30 and idle knock is more prominent

    Over the weekend I switched to Rotella 10w30 from Valvoline High mileage full syn and the knock at idle seems to be louder. The reason I switched was from lots of comments in regards to Rotella for its ZDDP content. So my question is should I switch back? Anyone had this problem? Specs: '96...