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    For Sale: Lifted 2008 Jeep WK LOADED!

    helping a friend out in RI. here is his craigslist post, contact him for anything and everything. if u need to PM me for any reason i might not respond immediately. 401-952-five4eight4
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    WTB: 4.0 HO & 231 23 spline

    need a 4.0HO that'll work in a 1993 xj. im not sure on the non-distributor 4.0's working in the older models but if u do and know it'll work, we can talk. its going into a DD so it needs to have run and not have a million miles on it. also need a 23 spline np231 for a 1995 xj. heck if u'v got...
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    F/S: Rancho 1.5" leafs

    took them off the lady's jeep. we were able to fit 31's easily and maybe bigger with a lift block under it to give that extra space, but if u run just the leafs, 31's would be the biggest. have poly bushing which are in good shape. they were wheeled ONCE on small rocks and mud so never abused...
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    Craigslist NY find classic!
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    Craigslist: 99 XJ, 88 MJ two pretty serious rigs, especially that XJ.
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    FS: Jeep Ravine rims and tires

    got these from someone as a temporary use on my girlfriends XJ. they are 30x9.5x15. 5x4.5 bolt pattern. stock backspacing whatever that might be. rims have no rock rash or anything, only really saw street and some sand. tires have alot of tread as you can see from the pictures. its a set of 4...
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    WTB: set of 31/32x15 A/T

    looking to get a full set (4/5) of all terrians. 31" or 32" to fit 15" wheels. width doesnt much matter. open to trades as well, current tires are 31x10.5x15 BFG muds with a little less than 50% tread if interested. somewhere close to long island for pickup, meet halfway.
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    WTB: XJ stock or lifted....

    Well, i have mine and the lady would like one too now. The Specific's: prefer 4.0HO motor, auto, 4X4, miles not an issue, can be stock, can be lifted, nothing too crazy though. but the most important thing is, it needs to be a DD already. i dont have time to do a weeks worth of work to it. as...
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    NY CraigsList: not mine!
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    American Racing Atlas Wheels 15x8

    i have a full set with center caps. these are alloy rims not steel. 15x8 with a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. they have corrosion on them but a little elbow grease and time and these should shine right up. two have tires on them that arent any good. *these were not used for offroading, they were on my...
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    Feeler: 8.25 from '96 XJ

    so heres the scoop. i have an 8.25 rear from my '96 XJ, 29 spline i think (correct me if im wrong), has 3.55 stock gears, and needs bearings. i cant afford to regear or get new bearings installed. so either i try to get something for it or i junk it. ive seen some ones in good shape go between...
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    For Sale: Rusty's Adj. Trac-Bar

    what the title says. the TRE needs to be replaced on it. also comes with the stock mount. the trac bar itself is in good condition, never slammed against rocks, the axle side joint is prefect, just some scratches. they run new 130, but it needs a TRE and is used, so lets go for $90 obo. i can...
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    XJ/Non XJ Sale Items

    so im trying to clean out some unused stuff ive got. -i have a Mac G4 Powerbook, 17" screen, light up keys, etc... HD is shot, said to cost about $300 or something to have replaced unless u know how to do the job. im looking to get $300 for it, make me an offer. - older style xbox, one...
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    WTB: Need some recovery items...

    ok so a buddy of mine just got his jeep lifted and is eager to get wheeling and needs some recovery items. its a 2001 xj. he's gonna need items such as: cheap rear bumper with receiver or a class III+ hitch, front tow hooks with brackets or cheap front bumper with d-rings or receiver, some...
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    WTB: steering box brace for '96

    seeing if any of u guys have one around looking to get rid of before i go buy a shiney new one. any suggestions if i have to buy new....
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    WTB: RE hd trac-bar & d30 skid

    what the title says, rubicon express heavy duty trac-bar for 4.5" lift with/without bracket. and any kind of skid/beefy cover for a dana 30. trying not to buy brand new since both are gonna get beat up anyway. trades are welcome, let me know what u want/need, i might have it.
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    WTB: 33x12.50x15 for spare

    need 33x12.50x15 tire for spare. brand or tread doesnt matter. if its mounted to a rim even better. looking for local pickup or somewhere close to ri. or if anyone knows of junkyards around that would have that size laying around. thanks, sean
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    WTB: ax-4 tranny for 96 xj

    looking for an AW-4 transmission as a rebuild for my current rig. can pickup or meet halfway.
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    f/s or trade quick disconnects

    i have quick disconnects f/s or trade for ones that'll fit my xj. these are from a wrangler with 5.5" lift and 1" spacers. i only have 4.5" lift. dont have a welder to modify either. im looking to get like $50 for them. also have a bunch of stock stuff looking to get rid of: stock spare, fender...