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    really need an adjustable track bar please!!

    for my ZJ but same thing.. also.. thanks thanks! :sunshine:
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    46RH wanted/needed bad!

    lemme know thanks
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    Snorkel and Bushwacker Flares, and dana 44

    just as subject says looking for a dana 44 of some sort SNORKEL bushwacker flares
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    6.5" Rusty's Coils - Will Trade for 4.5" Coils!!! XJ, TJ, ZJ

    BRAND NEW Rusty's 6.5" Coils, These baby's are heavy Duty, eveyone i talk too says they net around 7" of Lift. $125.. way Below what u can get them for... Paint is still excellent.. Brand New i can take paypal shipping will be extra unless u want to trade that is.. then we could work...
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    Johnson 35Horse.. and 12 Ft Boat.. Fast.. Go ANYWHERE

    I got a Johnson 35Horse Marine Motor..Maticulously Maintained.. washed.. and kept in garage.. clean.. and on stand when not in use.. not on boat for more than 10 hrs max at a time.. always on its stand.. proper mixture of fuel oil/gas.. Runs great! had coils and pick up replaced by boat shope...
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    Lots of XJ Parts for Sale *** Prices Dropped*** Has to Go.

    OK well here goes.. this is good stuff left my XJ... 1 - 4.0 HO Engine, 135,000 Miles roughly.. ran good when pulled.. needs new valve cover.. possible rebuild.. up to you $250!! Thats a good price for a running 4.0 HO.. only thing you dont get is the intake manifold 1 - AW4 tranny.. shifted...
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    ADJ. Trac Bar For XJ/TJ/ZJ

    Just Like Title Says.. If you Can paypal Me or whatever.. i can ship it to you ASAP..i dont have pics.. i suppose i cant take them if need be.. but ya'll know what one looks like.. oh yeah, its Rustys.. will would up to like a 6" Lift. i doubt it'll be too expensive to ship. $90 bux. iam in...
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    brake lines

    Really Really Really Really Need brake lines that will fit XJ for an 8" lift.. i'll be interested in anythign that will work, thanks!! i can paypal like now too.. thanks!!
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    RE 5.5" X-Duty Military Wrap 6-Leaf Leaf Springs

    these are for a cherokee.. XJ.. exactly what title says.. brand new.. never used.. my plans changed.. my loss your gain.. buy these babys!! the arc on them if just freaking amazing!! $300 BUCKS! if your near or far.. iam sure we can work something out... :D :D :D :D :D :D my email...
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    1991 XJ for Sale, 133k Miles 3.5" Lift.. 32's Snorkel

    Check it out guys...thanks for looking email me with any questions please
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    REar CV driveshaft

    need rear cv driveshaft jeep with 6.5" lift.. and the bolt style flange. cheap is good.. as iam broke and mines just about busted... thanks!