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    LED Light Bar Wiring Question

    I'm not a very electrical-savvy person. So my question regarding my LED light bars is how would I go about wiring two LED light bars to the same switch? Will there be any side effects to connecting both harnesses to the same electrical connectors of a single switch? Any lowered current or...
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    How to Give Your 97+ XJ More Factory Toggle Switch Slots

    I had a problem with aftermarket toggle switches because they don't look anything like the rest and I want my interior to look nice, like the factory intended it. There's only one problem – the factory didn't give me enough. In this tutorial, I'll show you a simple way to add more toggle...
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    Knocking Noise

    This isn't my Jeep, but my noise is 100% identical to this one. Last night, I removed the flex plate inspection cover to try and tighten the torque converter. That was obviously the easier thing to do, so that's why I tried it first. No luck, that...
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    Thatxjguy's 1999 Jeep Cherokee Build 'Hole in the Pocket'

    I started with my Jeep in December of 2011. I've been a member of CherokeeForum and TBAJA for some time now and have been considering becoming a NAXJA member too, so I finally went and did it! I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Limited in my favorite gunmetal pearl color. My whole definition in...