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  1. BOB

    ISO drivers side door 87 Commanche

    I need to replace a complete door on the drivers side. I prefer a manual window with manual vent window. 97 and up XJ will work as well. I can pick it up at Winterfest Thanks Bob
  2. BOB

    Chicago-87 MJ Drivers complete door

    WTB I need to replace a complete door on the drivers side. prefer manual window. 97 and up XJ will work as well. Thanks Bob
  3. BOB

    MJ armor, 33 spare, D ring black rims 4-SALE

    Looks like me and Tater are driving up for Saturday only. We're not bringing our Jeep. We're coming to see everyone! :loveu: We invited Greg, Dawns son. Not sure yet if he is coming. I bought some MJ gas tank Armor from LawnCher a few years ago and decided not to use it. $25.00 I have a used...
  4. BOB

    8.8 axle/ NP 231 T-case / West suburb of Chicago

    I have an 8.8 for sale out of a 96 Explorer. Bought this a few years ago from Tyler, never got around to installing it. $225.00 I also have an extra set of 8.8 shafts 4-sale separately. $75.00 Also, I have a NP 231 transfercase out of a 1987 Comanche 4-Sale $75.00 Send questions to me at...
  5. BOB

    Green Trail thread

    I want to use this thread for Green Trail questions and answers. AFTER you pay the Badlands Fee and AFTER you Register with Naxja Midwest Chapter, you must then line up in a row with other Green Trail members. * Be sure to have a working CB radio. My group will be on Channel 7. * If you...
  6. BOB

    * Annual Robies Thursday Night Dinner *

    Just like last year...Dinner at Robies Thursday March 1, 2012 at 6pm. We will again be in the dining room upstairs. We will likely have 2-3 waitresses. Each person is responsible for paying their own bill. Come early for some cocktails downstairs. We need to give Robies an accurate...
  7. BOB

    I need an engine for a 2001 Honda Escort

    we have a 2001 Honda Escort and the engine failed. it is silver with black leather interior with a sun-roof. automatic all wheel drive with 91,000 miles on it. I need to sell it as is or find someone that can put in an engine at a very good price. If goes to the pick and pull...
  8. BOB

    October - Badlands

    We need to get out wheeling this October. I am not sure which week yet. Probably camp at the campgrounds Friday and Saturday. Does anyone else have plans for the Badlands in October. BOB
  9. BOB

    WTB: Dana 30 - 3.73

    looking for a non disco D30 with 3.73 gears. Do these come in high and low pinion? I'd prefer high pinion. This is for my Comanche, 97% on road, so it needs to be straight. BOB
  10. BOB

    LUNCH: Friday and Saturday

    both days we normally eat lunch while we are on the trail. Bring a lunch with you. some people go back o the campground to eat. But, getting back to find the group on the trail may be difficult. There is a McDonalds in town and a Hamburger place. But, not a lot to choose other than that...
  11. BOB


    Looks like low 30's in the day and low teens at night. you people camping will be spooning like a litter of rats. :D BOB
  12. BOB


    Last call y'all I need to get a Final number to Robbies. They need a good number to prepare with food and waitreses's. So, I really need only those who will definitely be there. Thanks BOB THURSDAY DINNER AT ROBIES Each years some of us early arrivals get together for dinner at...
  13. BOB

    Wheeling...Tips and Tricks

    1. bring a spare key and secure it outside of your Jeep. 2. have at least a half tank of gas or more when you arrive. 3. do general maintenance....check battery cables, plugs, wires, oil change, brakes, antifreeze, etc before you come to WF. 4. wire up and test your CB Radio and antenna...
  14. BOB


    THURSDAY DINNER AT ROBIES Each years some of us early arrivals get together for dinner at Robies Restaurant and Bar. It is in town, 109 West Main Street, 765-764-4351. They have everything, steaks, pork chops,burgers, salads, soup and desserts (punkin pie is the best) and of course...a full...
  15. BOB

    need photos of pre-97 without the center console

    I am debating whether to keep the center console or not. I want to see what it looks like without it. If you have some photos, please post them up. Thanks, BOB
  16. BOB

    anyone know a John Deere dealer

    I may be in the market for a John Deere Mower. These things are really expensive. (except for rich Farmers...ahem..Tyler) kind of looking at the X534. maybe used is the way to go? If anyone has a friend in John Deere Sales...Let me know please. Bob
  17. BOB

    How do you paint bare metal?

    when you buy rock rails, bumpers, skids etc. How do you prep and paint the bare metal? I have some ideas...but feel this would be a good thread for others who use the "search" feature.:lecture: Thanks. BOB
  18. BOB

    Hi-Lift Trail Day 2010/ Redbird Aug 21

    Jason at Hi-Lift wanted me to share this with you all. Looks like a great event. BOB
  19. BOB

    transmission temp you have one installed

    Just wondering. with the weight of these Jeeps and trailers, with winches and accesories, what are the chances of a tow rig transmission running hot? Does anyone have a transmission temperature gauge installed. maybe it is overkill...maybe not. what are your thoughts on installing one...
  20. BOB

    WTB: D30 with 3:73's

    looking for a dana 30 with 373's HP preferred. no discos please. shoot me some info and a price, and where you are located. Thanks!! BOB