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    custom Johnny Joint Trac Bar

    Used a right and left CE-9113 and locknuts. 1"-14tpi shank 14mm through bolts. Can open up to 9/16 if needed. Johnny balls widths are 2" and 1.6" wide (fits RE frame side mount). Bar itself is 27" eye2eye. 1" 1/4 dia CRoMO .120 wall all TIG welded. If you break this I wanna see the axle...
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    Jeep stroker motor parts buildup.

    This is my CL posting, Forgot you guys for about 5 min. Jeep stroker motor parts. This is not a running engine. Just all the parts I have collected for #2 engine build. If you want to stroker your jeep this is the way to do it (unless you got $2500 for a drop in motor). These are the parts for...
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    REar bench seat dark grey 2k $40

    REar bench seat from my 2k. Small tear on top but fine otherwise. Have pics, PM back channel. Two pieces (fart cushion and backrest) plus hardware. No shipping.
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    Rubicon Express XJ drop arm kit with braces $300 SD

    RE kit includes arms upper and lower with rubber bushings. Lower has bushings and Jonny joint end. Drop bracket kit is the drop sockets themselves and the support braces that were extra. All hardware is included. Located in San Diego. Have pics, hit me a PM back channel. No shipping.
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    XJ overhead console grey 97+ with wire & sensors $150 SD

    Grey overhead console in fine condition. Included is metal roof bracket, wire harness, 2x temp sensors with connectors and when removed I cut the headliner backboard so you cold pattern al the cutouts properly. Don’t need it after I redid my headliner and tablet install. No shipping. Not...
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    5 Alum rims 5x4.5 and 2 good 33" tires from xj $300 SD

    For sale are five (5) American Racing bullet rims (I believe) all matching 5x4.5 bolt 8.5 wide with 4.5 offset. No rock rash. These are nice. Will fit Early Jeep and Ford rangers. All rims have tires and two are still ~ 40-50% one is a Goodyear MTR first gen and the second is a Procomp mud...
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    Feeler: Parts for Stroker

    This is just a feeler!! Have 95 block and head, 2K head, 2k intake, 95 exhaust manifold, two sets of long rods, 12 weight 4.2 crank (will get numbers off of it) 2k cps, 2k coil pack, 2k AC bracket, valve cover, water pump, oil pan. I know there is more but the only thing I can really say is...
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    xj Overhead console complete $150 obo

    Have the rare and endangered XJ overhead console. With metal bracket, wiring harness and temp sensor. ALso have the part of the headliner as a template for the cutouts.
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    RE Drop bracket kit and arms $300

    I have my old RE drop bracket kit for sale. This is for any year Jeep XJ. Included is the 4 non adjustable arms JJ one end and rubber other end. The complete drop bracket set for both sides as well as the drop bracket frame supports. Also most if not all the mounting bolts. All is in used but in...
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    RE Drop bracket kit and arms $300

    For Jeep XJ cherokee or others. Included is the drop bracket kit, reinforce brackets and all hardware with non adjustable arms x4. Bushing and JJ on bottom, bushing up top. Also include the trusses to the drop brackets. You can have this kit installed in a day.. All this stuff works great and...
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    Jeep Np 231 transfer case 2000 $225

    Jeep NP 231 transfer case from my 2000 Cherokee. I replaced it with one I built. Nothing wrong with it. Ready for rebuild or drop right in. $225
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    WTB: Flowmaster 40 series

    New or slightly used is fine..
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    Long arm and trussed D30 installed...Woohoo!!!

    I finally finished..:confused1:repair: Fully(ish) built and trussed D-30 (yea I know) crossover high steer on WJ brakes, 4.56, Ballistic truss and spring plates and 4 link sockets. JKS WJ flip steering. Bla bla bla. Also long arm kit installed at same time.. Talk about nickle and dime to...
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    RE Drop bracket kit and arms + T&J track bar $400

    Included is the drop bracket kit and all hardware with non adjustable arms x4. Bushing and JJ on bottom, bushing up top. Also include the trusses. Also have a T&J Jeepspeed track bar, JJ up top and bushing axle side. Includes the frame mount. It mounts stock axle side.. You can have this kit...
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    4.0crank, axle shft 27spl8.25, 2k rear bumper, 95 intake,

    Gots lots of junk for sale.. Best part is the price is what you want to spend. Make an offer. Beer is an acceptable form of payment. 95 intake fully loaded with injectors, fuel rail and TB.. Also includes spiderwebs and grime. $offer x2 27 spline 8.25 axle shafts.. If you have a 27 spline and...
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    Welding brackets onto D30

    I am welding on new spring perches on to my D-30. Need to know the angle to weld them at referencing the dif cover face. Also spacing away from the center section. Same goes for the lower links. I got this kit
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    Feeler: Garvin Roof rack

    Good condition Garvin roof rack with air dam and axe/shovel holder. Thinking about going in a different direction and selling this would help pay for other stuff. Might be willing to trade for a 4x6 trailer.
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    OTA track bar questions

    4.5-5" lift running 33x12.5's Steering is WJ knuckles and 3 flipped WJ rod ends. RE HD frame mount. This truss from Ballistic I am considering this axle side mount: Main question is can I get away with a strait track bar and clear the...
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    NP231 rebuild parts list help

    I am pulling in parts for a rebuild of a 2k 231. I have the 6 gear planet and large chain kit (thanks big 3). Got a low mile (-40k) 231 sitting on the floor so I can take the time to do it properly :dunce: What else do i need? Do I need a master rebuild kit or just a few specific bearings and...
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    8.25 both 27 and 29

    I have both: 29 is torn apart but pinion is still installed. Perfect for rebuild. Gears could be dropped in and go. 3.73 Im ~ sure.. $100 27 i just have the shafts.. Come over with 12 pack beer, drink half and I will give you the shaft... twice..