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  1. YEAGS

    FS: Budget Boost lift 2" coils 1.5" spacers

    got a good deal on 3.5" RE Coils so I swapped them in last weekend and pulled these. If I remember right they are 2" Ranchos and then a 1.5" spacer. They've been on the jeep for probably 7 or so years but its never been off-road and has maybe 30-40,000 miles on it since then. 50$ 6023017550.
  2. YEAGS

    Dana 44 Gearing NEEDED

    Im in need of some new/used Dana 44 gearing. Ive got 3.54's right now, but if someones got a pair of 30/44 gearing in 4.10s of 4.56 I might be persuaded to upgrade. Have cash. Need to get this thing back on the road soon. On that note, if you need axle work done... DO NOT go to Arizona...
  3. YEAGS

    (4) 15x8" Stock Wrangler Wheels w/ 31x10.50x15 BFG AT's

    I am upgrading to a larger wheel and street tires so I wont be needing these anymore! They are 15x8 and came stock on the early 2000's TJ's. Not sure on the backspacing. I think they are like 5" BS. Tires are in decent shape. one has a bad wear (the outside edge of the tire is bald inside edge...
  4. YEAGS

    (4) 15" Aftermarket Ulta Wheels $100

    I have a set of 4 Aluminum Ulta brand wheels in size 15". They came on one of my XJ's when I bought it. Ive been using them as rollers ever since. the tires don't really hold air (some do some dont for long). But I have no use for them anymore as ive got more sets of tires/rims then i do Jeeps...
  5. YEAGS

    Wanted: Tires/wheels

    Got my second XJ running finally, but the tires are crapped. Currently have some TJ wheels off an early 2000 but they have horrible backspacing. So Im looking for some cheaper wheels maybe stock ones, as well as some tires, street tires all terrains, let me know what you got. NO bigger than...
  6. YEAGS

    NP 231 w/ Advance Adapters SYE

    I have an NP 231 with an Advance Adapters Slip Yoke Eliminator installed. Ran it in my old Xj for 3 years. Recently pulled when I got rid of it and has been stored in Garage since. Its the 32 spline fixed yoke kit. Its ready to bolt in and go but will need a CV driveshaft. $400 obo...
  7. YEAGS

    Fox Coilovers 10/12" travel

    Also have these forsale. just came across them the other day not sure on spring rate or exact travel depth but based on measured length at half extension should be 10" and 12" Hypercoil and QA1 Springs.
  8. YEAGS

    Sway Away 2.0 14" travel Air Shocks

    Check out my add on Craigslist. College/move forces sale. only have the pair
  9. YEAGS

    Ford Dana 60 Front/ Dana 70 Rear FS

    check out my add on Craigslist. College and move forces sale.
  10. YEAGS

    1988 XJ Parting Out!

    Alright well its time to let my first xj go. Had plans to go one ton but Ive matured over the year and decided to get rid of one of my two XJs and just build the other. So here's the deal I parked it about 2 years ago, because I couldnt get the coolant system working properly and it was over...
  11. YEAGS

    Orange County Meet & Greet Thursday 6/16

    Hey guys so after looking around and talking with Johnnyc were gonna have the meet and greet at Round Table Pizza: 1175 Baker Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 next thursday June 16th. Ill be there around 7pm. Id offer up the first round on me but I have some time to go before I can "legally"...
  12. YEAGS

    Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport M&G

    Wanna get a Meet and Greet goin in the Anaheim, Santa Ana Irvine Area. Just moved here to Newport Beach from Phoenix and want get out and meet some of you SoCal fools. Anyone with any suggestions for a place and a date/time?
  13. YEAGS

    New Gibson Cat Back Exhaust

    Bought this awhile back. Not gonna work for me though I went a different route. Im in Phoenix right now however I am moving to New Port/Costa Mesa on Sunday the 15th which means I will be driving through many of ya'lls area and can meet up. Cost 275 new Im looking to get 150$ to help with my...
  14. YEAGS

    Introduce myself and my rig

    Gonna be moving out next weekend on the 14th to the New Port Beach/Costa Mesa area. I got a job with a larger construction firm in New Port and figured Id introduce my self and my rig so maybe I can get some wheelin time in with you SoCal fools! Names Sean Yeager im 20 and a student at Arizona...
  15. YEAGS

    stepping down.

    Hey guys, Ive talked to Kraker about this already. I have been graced with a job offer for the next two summers in New port Beach, as well as possibly taking me to brisbane australia for the fall (aug-dec). This means it will be hard for me to handle the role while also being out of town for...
  16. YEAGS

    AZ Member seeking SoCal help

    Hey guys, Ill be moving from Phoenix to the New Port Beach area this summer for an internship with McCarthy Building Companies. I'm not too familiar with the area as far as apartments and what not. Any help would be great for someone who is familiar with the area. Im looking to get an...
  17. YEAGS

    New Gibson Cat Back Exhaust

    I have a new Gibson Cat back exhaust system. Has everything. Never mounted just never got around to it and its been taking up space and I could really use the cash. Make me an offer cost 275.00 new.
  18. YEAGS

    Chapter Funds

    Check is in hand in the amount of $690.21. I was under the impression that it would be around a grand from talking to past BOD but its not. Wounded XJ emailed me the Non-profit letter so that we can set up the account as non profit. My plan is to start the account with all three BOD...
  19. YEAGS

    FYI Giving out Warnings/Infranctions?

    How do we go about officially giving out a warning and or caution to a member for a flame?
  20. YEAGS

    Request Username Change

    Can I have my Username changed to YEAGS please? It is now my jeeps license plate. TIA