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  1. Avanteone

    1987 MJ Short box 2wd PROJECT truck

    Bought this 1987 Jeep Comanche 4cyl 2wd, had a project in mind. Now realize I obviously don't have the time. It's been sitting a LONG time. Previous owner said he put a battery in it and dumped fuel down the throttle body and it started. I have not confirmed this. He pulled the fuel tank...
  2. Avanteone

    Parting 2000 XJ

    Parting out '00 XJ Classic. Motor was no good and is long gone. Trans., t-case, D30, 8.25, etc. are all there. D30 (3.54) complete $200 8.25 rear end (3.54) $250 NP231 $200 AW4 package (complete for TJ swap) with TCU, fasteners, cooler lines, flexplate, etc. $500 Doors $40 each Hatch...
  3. Avanteone

    Have a badass Jeep, truck, or car? Yukon Photo shoot!

    That time of year again, Yukon Gear & Axle is looking for bad ass hotrods, classics, Jeeps, 4x4s, etc. for their calendar. They shoot two years' worth of photos each time. Typically they get plenty of cars and hotrods, but the 4x4 stuff seems a little more difficult to find. Think you have...
  4. Avanteone

    Has anybody actually installed a set of Hooligan Off road tube fenders?

    Has anybody installed a set of these? The product quality and fitment is absolutely horrendous. If I had spent this type of money on a product that fit like this, I'd swallow my pride and pay the...
  5. Avanteone

    Yukon Zip locker install write up and pics

    Thought I'd share this here, lemme know if this type of stuff should be some place else. Auburn Car Repair & Offroad was recently given the opportunity to install and test a Yukon Zip Locker in the D30 application. My good friend, and fellow PNWJeep club member, Rich McCoy's 2000 Jeep...
  6. Avanteone

    Have you guys seen the new Smittybilt XJ bumper?

    Good looking bumpers for the front of the XJ are few and far between IMHO, I love the Moab 4x4 Outpost ones and the Hanson bumpers, but they're all $$$$$. This unit by Smittybilt is pretty nice, looks good, and priced <$400. These are JUST now becoming available, they were supposed to be out...
  7. Avanteone

    "Everyone should just drive Jeeps"

    Out playing in the snow and ice last night, took this video. Funny commentary from my 8 year old. John
  8. Avanteone

    Woot! Finally!

    Check it out: :D
  9. Avanteone

    Anybody else bringing a full size BBQ?

    I'm bringing one for sure, think I got someone lined up to haul a 2nd, really thinking we could use a 3rd. Anybody already planning on bringing one up?
  10. Avanteone

    Attending NWFest??? LOOK HERE!

    If you are attending NWFest and plan on eating dinner Saturday night, please check in here:
  11. Avanteone


    I guess it's that time, I need to start thinking about the dinner for NWFest. I need a fairly accurate count of how many people I will be preparing dinner for. Please keep the chit-chat to a minimum. I need to know number of adults and children that will be eating dinner Satruday night...
  12. Avanteone

    Who else is NOT driving an XJ @ NWFest?

    :D Just curious. I'm bringing the YJ, I'm assuming the Master-Pull ZJ will be there, Larry's (from CRAWL) LJ, etc. John
  13. Avanteone

    Woot! An XJ owner again

    I've been looking for a clean '91+ XJ to build as a budget wheeler, family wheeling rig, and shop rig, and this one just magically appeared yesterday. The plan is to have something that is daily drive-able, capable of taking the whole family out for some light wheeling, and help with a little...
  14. Avanteone

    Need any work done to get your rig ready for NWFest?

    Check this out:
  15. Avanteone

    Get your XJ ready for NWFest! (Specials from Auburn Car Repair & Offroad)

    Auburn Car Repair & Offroad, your sponsor for Saturday night's BBQ dinner, will be offering a special for "prepping" your rig for NWFest. I am offering a FREE basic inspection including shaking down the front end looking for any worn steering and suspension components, fluid leaks, basic...
  16. Avanteone

    You guys want snow?

    If anybody is looking for a snow run, go to Tinkham NOW! Tons of pics/report here:
  17. Avanteone

    SnowJam2010 - Poker run near Elbe 1/23/10

    Posting this for Heath and the crew at County Line Offroaders. This event was a good time last year, hopefully we'll have some more snow this year.
  18. Avanteone

    Stolen YJ - Kent

    Customer of mine just dropped this off. It's a 1988 Jeep Wrangler. He was gone for Chrismas, it was stolen from his apartment's underground parking area between Dec. 24th and Dec. 27th. Apartments are in downtown Kent area off of Meeker across from the golf course. Any info, please call 911...
  19. Avanteone

    Giving a little back!

    Just thought I'd share this with everyone here also. Our club ( raised a little over $1200 for toys for tots over the past couple of weeks, and today was our shopping day. I'm glad we're able to give back to the community a little and can't wait to drop all these toys off next...
  20. Avanteone

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    So one of the more popular prizes at the NWFest Raffle this year was the leather jacket graciously donated by Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts. It was SUCH a hit, that many just could not contain themselves and HAD to try it on! Here's the jacket's biggest fans: And then in an amazingly...