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    Couple random things

    I have a set of rear unibody stiffeners from DB Metalworks that I'm not going to be using, decided to get a set of IRO since they plate the bottom of the unibody. The dbm's are 10ga flat stiffeners. May also have with me a set of rubicon express 4.5 coils that are a few years old. Just had to...
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    Looking at renting one of the cabins this year instead of bringing a camper or tent camping it.. Who's stayed in the cabins? Which one do you recommend for 4.5 people? My other half, me and our little.. And a buddy (Chachi) and his mom.. So at least need 3 beds. Sent from my Pixel XL using...
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    Winterfest 2019

    So I know most of yall are in Moab having a blast and I'm jealous. But I'm trying to think ahead of next year plans. Just trying to get an idea of what weekend winterfest 2019 may be. Mar 1-2? Mar 8-9? Mar 15-16? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    In need of bolts

    Does anyone have a selection of bolts that they are bringing with them? I finished harnesses and mounts today, used ruffstuff mounts with bolts. All fine and dandy, EXCEPT my PRP harnesses use 7/16 bolts.. And i ran out of time to go anywhere to buy some. I'm in dire need of 6 7/16x1 1/2" long...
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    Iso hawse fairlead

    Anyone have a hawse fairlead laying around they're not using and don't need anymore? Just upgraded to synthetic rope and didn't think about needing a new fairlead Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Winterfest noob trail question.

    Obviously this is our first time attending the event and will be my second time at the park and trying to gauge the trails. How difficult is the mission impossible trails? I feel like I've got a pretty capable rig, I just don't want to get completely in over my head joining in the MI hard group...
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    PRP seats

    I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on ordering a set of PRP daily drivers for my xj. My question is who all is running PRPs in their xj? Anyone running the +2 widths? Do they fit in a 97+? What did yall do for mounting brackets? PRPs mounting brackets are $55 a piece. Is $110 worth not...
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    ISO 97-01 gunmetal pearl (Light blue) hatch with glass.

    I'm looking for a 97-01 gunmetal pearl hatch with glass. The straighter the better and preferred with tinted glass but beggars can't be choosers. Anyone going to Winterfest that has one laying around?
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    98 stalls when hot but restarts and will idle but misses

    I just picked up this 98 classic 4.0 auto on the cheap. Needed brakes front to back.and put plugs and wires on it, but didn't do cap and rotor. Drove it for about 2 weeks, no problems. Passenger side door speaker wasn't working so I went to put a new speaker in it. But it wasn't the speaker...
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    Need help with a 93 xj..

    I have a 93 xj with the 4.0 with 202k.. Several weeks ago I noticed that I was losing coolant.. And there was milky stuff on the bottom of the dipstick after about 600 miles on an oil change.. I know that the radiator has a small leak but the reservoir is going from full to add in about a week...
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    First time jeep owner!

    Just made my first Cherokee purchase! It's a 93 sport 4dr 4x4 auto 198k. Little lift, not sure the brand but it has skyjacker shocks and a skyjacker stabilizer. It runs great shifts great. The water pump started leaking this morning on the po.. the driver side rocker is pretty rusted and the...