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    Ebay drop brackets and braces

    So ive got a street xj that im slowly messing with and recently bought drop brackets and braces off called suspension masters in cali. Well i kept em around til i installed them a few days ago to find out they sent me 2 right side back braces. Does anybody know if RE or rough...
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    Wanted: lift parts

    Before I just go buy a zone 4.5" lift most likely anybody have anything I could use or a lift for sell? Its going on a cherokee that won't really be used much offroad......more of a mall crawler. I have a 1 ton tj for the good stuff. I'm located in Edinburg, TX
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    Wanted---rear driveshaft 92 xj

    Guys I have been out of the cherokee world for a while and need a rear stock driveshaft from a 92 jeep cherokee, with dana 35 rear and np242 t case. I am located in Edinburg, Tx..........thanks------Kyle
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    wtb Jeep cherokee 97+ preferred but will look at all

    Been a long time since I had a xj but I am getting back into them. I really want a 97+ model but with the right mods will take a older model. The more modifications the better but looking to spend maybe 5k max. I am currently parting out my 1 ton yj project so i can afford another xj. Can't...
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    dana 60 t&t front truss

    Anybody have one? Was wondering if I could modify it enough to fit a balljoint 60 say 95 year model. Anyone??
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    Hidden Falls 16,17,18

    Well had a blast but broke a rear driveshaft u-joint dented both front fenders and busted both front shocks. Something squeaking suspension wise too. Had an absolute blast even with all the dang mud!!! Was so muddy but made the trails a whole lot harder. Couldn't get to a lot of trails...
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    April 16-18 Hidden Falls

    Anybody from Naxja going?? I will be going so was wondering. Gonna be my first tow which will be 6+ hours. Located in or near Marble Falls. ---------------Kyle
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    Ball Joint ford 60

    I have a chance to get a 95 front ford balljoint 60. I have no experience with a non kingpin 60. I currently run a hp44 front. Anybody running a balljoint 60 front? Got pictures of steering and such? I can get this axle for 400 bucks so sounds good I think
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    36s and 5.38 gears what speedometer gear?

    I feel like such a newbie asking this question lol, but I didn't find any accurate information anywhere for this tire and gear ratio size. Sources varied saying 39 to 42 tooth so which one? I wanna drive around some more around town with the Jeep and would really like to know what speed I am...
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    1990 two door caged cherokee for sale

    totally gutted--auto trans---4.0l---custom unibody rail stiffeners--custom rock rails tied into cage--stock axles both lincoln locked (one piece front shafts)--custom rear bumper---gas tank skid and stock t-case skid--not street legal--worn 32 in bfg all terrains--new water pump--have title--...
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    Talk about opening up some new weak links LOL So what are your thoughts on these bad boys? Think its possible to build a 30 that can handle all of the strength these warrant. If so why even have 1 tons LOL.
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    upgrading to an open system which radiator?

    Been in cherokees for a long time and recently got a comanche with the renix model motor. I know one of the best things for cooling these motors is swapping straight to an open cooling system. Anyways I did some research here and I see the CSF that Dirk from DPG sells is still a safe bet and...
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    My new Manche

    Been a while since I have owned anything cherokee, or the like. Building a 1 ton wrangler for actual offroading but now I got a nice daily driver 1988 Jeep Comanche too!! Glad to still be a Naxja member but need a new sticker..........doh!! P.S.--Previous owner took great care of this thing...
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    Renix full gauge cluster (87-90)

    Let me know if you have one---------------Kyle
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    stock leaf springs

    Anybody? Cheaper the better----------
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    built wagoneer axles and misc...

    Ok It is time for my friend to go bigger on his cheorkee so here is some built stuff for sale off his cherokee. Will have some better pics up later. 81 wagoneer Dana 44 front from Jeep Wagoneer, drivers drop, has brackets for stock lower control arms and custom upper on cherokees tjs, etc. as...
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    nicely built cherokee for sale

    This is my brothers Jeep and he wants ------$4,000 Located in McAllen, Texas, me at, pm me or call 956-578-9038 (brian owner of jeep) 1989 jeep cherokee, 4.0 inline 6, ax-15 with factory used replaced clutch (the good one and recently), np-231 with p.o.r.c...
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    98 cherokee on 35s locked and geared for sale

    Alright here it is----------- Stats: 5.5" Rubicon Express lift, trimmed fenders, 35" trxus mud terrains with plenty of tread (almost brand new) on 15x8 3.75" bs rockcrawler black cragar wheels, old man emu shocks, jks discos Dana 30 front, 4.88 gears, and an ez locker, Dana 44 rear 4.88 gears...
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    whos is this??? (bretts shifter picture)

    I know it has to be someones on here. I am gonna be getting this soon for my xj and wanna know what all you had to modify to get it in the cupholder. Anybody know who it is? I searched some but didn't find anything. Bretts shifter is sweet looking and I can't wait to get one here soon.
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    Who says cherokees aren't tough??? Crazy to think the cherokee in this thread only looked that bad LOL------------Kyle:wow: