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    tera control arms / r.e. drop brackets etc.

    tera flex gen 1 control arms uppers and lowers: fits any tj/xj/zj/mj, the lower arms need front bushings 5$ each at tera flex. 300$ for the set of 4, the upper are 200$ new pics avl rubicon express xj drop brackets with braces: painted with hardware. asking 250$ new 350$ pics avl denman ground...
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    spring break in

    is it bad to try and break in new springs with revolver shackles... the shackle always seems to be hitting the body, )the front part of the shackle box if you will)
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    xj width ford 9" and xj coils

    i have a xj width ford 9" 28 spline 3:50 gears, open ,centered pinon.. so no drive shaft mods needed.. set up with 8.8 disc brake backing plates, jeep bolt pattern 5 on 4 1/2" needs rotors and calipers pics avl. asking 600$ spring perchs are not on, could be used for other jeeps such as a yj ...
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    new spring brake in

    i just put in a set of r.e. 3 1/2" leafs with a revolver shackles... it's been 3 weeks and they have not settled, i even had 2 willys rears in the back for 2 days they droped 1/2 but came right back, after rears came out.. the shackle is hitting the front part of the body.. and it's getting on...