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  1. hiimmred

    Mr Eds pos for sale

    It is with great sadness that the time has come for me to sell "Wilbur". Today it failed smog and probably needs a new cat & o2 sensor. I just don't have the money to fix it anymore. It's a '90 model 4.5-5.5" mix & match lift with a non disco hp30 4.56 gears with chromo axles and an aussie...
  2. hiimmred

    Smog Fail Help

    Seems to be running rich. '90 4.0 auto. 237k miles. Cat is about a year and a half old. Don't want to put another on while it's running rich if it's going to go bad in a few months. Results: %CO2 15/25mph = 14.0/14.0. %02 15/25mph = 0.0/0.0. HC (ppm) 15/25mph = 134/130. Max allowed = 123/103...
  3. hiimmred

    Wanted: rear hatch and drivers seat

    Anyone got these they want/need to get rid of? For my 90 XJ. Thanks, Mr. Ed
  4. hiimmred

    WTB:D30 carrier for 3:73 up gears

    Anyone got one laying around in the Bay Area? Thanks Ed
  5. hiimmred

    Happy Birthday Josh

    Hope you had a good one! party1:
  6. hiimmred

    Bah Humbug

    Just kidding! I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I've been given a great gift this year in the friendships I've made through this forum. Been a great year of wheeling with many of you and look forward to many more in 2010! Ed
  7. hiimmred

    Happy Birthday Drew (Tenny)

    Hope you had a good one! :cheers:
  8. hiimmred

    Happy Birthday Shark Mark!

    Have a good one brother! :party: :cheers:
  9. hiimmred

    Happy Birthday Tonoclay2

    Party on brother! :party::cheers:
  10. hiimmred

    WTB: Fan shroud

    My water pump took a dump and in the process threw the sepentine belt, which in turn shattered my shroud. No luck at three JY's. Anyone got one laying around? It's for my 90. Thanks Ed
  11. hiimmred

    NAXJA DV/SR run Pics a little late

    These are courtesy of Jeff:
  12. hiimmred

    Rubicon 7/17-19

    My Bud in his CJ7 and I are heading up late afternoon on Friday, wheel on Sat and camp on the trail. Head out and back home on Sun. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome, we use CB channel 4. We will probably camp around Loon Lake entrance on Friday (getting up there after 9pm most likely). Ed
  13. hiimmred

    WTB rear shocks for 5.5" lift

    Broke an OME at Deer Valley this weekend. Anyone got some they want to part with? Ed
  14. hiimmred

    My case for evolution

    When my junk was my company vehicle And where it is today
  15. hiimmred

    Question about installing adj control arms.

    So I got some new RC adjustable upper and lower control arms today (yeah!) and I was reading the install instructions and it says to remove the coil spring retainer and lower shock bolts sway bar etc.. My question is is this really necessary? It doesn't appear that there is any interference from...
  16. hiimmred

    Happy B-day Bryan C

    Happy Birthday Mr. Recorder! :cheers::party:
  17. hiimmred

    Crappy day just got worse

    So 9am today the company I work for was sold to some tool of a guy. It is going to be real hard for me to work with him. 12:35pm we get a call about my friend and co-worker Dan, 27 years old, 2 kids under 5, one of the truly great guys to know and hang out with. He had surgery a couple weeks...
  18. hiimmred

    D35 3.55 gears open

    From my 90 free to whoever wants it. No brake stuff just the housing from backing plate to backing plate. In San Bruno (by SFO).
  19. hiimmred


    Any of you familiar with the club in Concord? Is it near BART? I think it used to be Cadillac Ranch but not sure. Michael Schenker is playing there on the 20th and I'm definitely going, just want to know if it's close to the BART so I can imbibe a little and not have to drive.
  20. hiimmred

    Joined the club

    Great bunch of people I've met. So I bucked up and joined to show my support for the cause. :cheers: