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    JCR Skid plate Was on my jeep for a little while before I went long arms, needs a coat of paint but is straight. $150
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    please delete

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    Badlands/Redbird/somewhere else? June 30-July 1

    So I am going to be in Southern Indiana for work June 26-June 29 so instead of driving all the way back to Wisconsin before Cherokee Crawl I am just going to stay in the area. I was looking to do some wheeling in the area before heading the Crawl July 2nd/3rd ish... anyone interested? I am open...
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    FS: Misc stuff

    Century Quick-Fix Mig Welder-older machine but works good. pics--> -Model 117-034 -input voltage 120 VAC -60 hz -18AAC -output 75 ADC -Arc volts 18 VDC -Max 31VDC -20% duty Cycle -low/high heat settings, with wire speed control -comes with a...
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    33x12.5x15 on 15x8

    Used Cooper Discoverer STT Mud Tires on Eagle Alloy 15x8 (4" backspace) with a lug pattern 5x4.5. Two of the tires have a little cutting do to the fenders hitting, and one rims is damaged due to a rock hit however it still holds air somehow and I was using it as a spare to get off the trail. I...
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    The Cliffs 9/20/14

    Hitting the Cliffs in Marseilles IL this Saturday 9/20 with my old club from Peoria if anyone is interested.
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    help me decide!

    looking for a tow rig, tow, non-daily driver. looking at 2009 and newer trucks due to interest rate, and wanting a newer vehicle. The trucks I am looking at in my price range are around 100-125k miles mid-level equiped trucks. for Ford, I am not really a fan of the 6.4 and not sure I can...
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    Shop/Garage layout advice

    I just bought a house that has a 30x60 detached shop. I just tossed everything in there while moving, I am now thinking about layout of the shop and want to gather some opinoins. should be a rough scale (walls that are shown are actually there, not my plan) pics for clicks let me know...
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    The Cliffs Nov. 10th Marseilles, Il

    Ram-Rod and I have been tossing around dates for a late fall/early winter trip to the The Cliffs Insane Terrain in Marseilles, IL. I am not sure of the fall/winter hours, but I will follow up with them. Date: November 10th 2681 East Route 6...
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    Unibody contol arm mount broke away

    Went offroad yesterday at the Cliffs Insane Terrain in Illinois and ended up breaking the unibody Control arm mount away from the unidbody channel. I know of one person having this issue before (revden). how common is it and does it repeat once it happens? pics for clicks Happened on this...
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    Cliffs Insane Terrain 7/21/12

    I am meeting up with my old jeep club at the cliffs tomorrow if anyone want to join us. Lower parking lot at 9am
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    Caravan from Wisconsin on Thursday

    Figured this might be a good idea instead of everyone traveling by themselves. Figured a good meeting place would be just south of Milwaukee or the Wi/Il boarder on 94 but open to suggestions.
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    Anyone near Sheboygan, WI?

    So I have a pending Job offer near Sheboygan and I was wondering how it was up there. It looked like a nice area when I went up for an interview but I didn't get a real good chance to look around a lot. I think I have a newer apartment/duplex/Condo picked out with a 2 car garage (so I can work...
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    Dog leg rust repair? (area between the rear wheel well and rear door)

    So how is everyone fixing this area? any pictures? old picture but the dog leg now has holes in it. I just did the cut and fold on the lower rear quarter because of rust and after I get the steel I am doing box steel built in sliders so I will fix this area at the same time.
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    Wanted: 33x12.5x15 BFG KM1 spare

    I found a cheap set of BFG km1 but there are only 4. so before I buy I want to locate a matching spare. I am picky what can I say. Thanks Andy
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    90% Chance I am moving to Peoria, IL. I have a few Questions...

    Well I got a Pre-offer from a company that is in Peoria, IL as a Diesel Test Engineer all they have to do is check References and do a background check, neither of which I am concerned about. Vehicle Related As you can see I have a 1992 V-8 Carb Swapped S-10. I plan on keeping the Cherokee...
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    Baja SAE Event in Rochester, NY June 10-13

    Figure I would give the heads up for a pretty cool event in Rochester/Palmyra, NY. I was on the RIT Baja SAE team for 5 years while in school and I am volunteering at this event. Basic idea is design, cost and race competition. The actual racing events are on Saturday and Sunday at Hogback...
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    AW-4 Transmission problems, HELP PLEASE

    The transmission ran fine up until this point, showing no problems whatsoever. Parked it on a slight side slope passenger side up when I got home from work, about 3 hours ago. got in to pull it into my driveway and it wouldn't move forward so I tried reverse. checked the fluid and it was just...
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    FS: Durango 4x4 Rear bumper and tire carrier in Vermont

    I've been told it is a Durango 4x4 bumper, this bumper is thick and very strong. probably around 150 lbs. it is a little rusty but nothing that cannot come off with a wire wheel. Attaches to stock bumper mounts and the stock nutserts for the hitch. can hold ~35" tire, it has only had a 32" 11.5...
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    What rear bumper/tire carrier is this?

    I've searched for a while now and cannot find anything that looks like it, I have a chance to buy it for what I believe is cheap but want to know for sure so I don't screw myself. If I don't buy it I will give out the contact info for the person and price.