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    WTB dana 30 shafts!

    Recently upgraded to 33s in the front and with the spartan locker id love a set of backups for safety! I can Don u joints if need be! Getting final touches done! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Photo dump?

    Post pics! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Build thread :big black

    Well, here I am, sitting in bed, dirt under my fingernails, wallet empty, but excited about the progress I've made on my jeep in the last couple winter months. So to justify my bad financial decisions, I decided to make a build thread. Couple years out of high school I bought a bone stock 1998...
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    Quick chance of plans

    Hey guys! I've been super excited about this trip for a while, and was originally intending on camping the whole trip. The recent forecast calls for Temps too cold for my delicate hands so I booked a room at the attica Inn, checking in Friday morning early and hitting the trails! Hope to see you...