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  1. Victor S.

    Looking for parts.

    My on made me buy another XJ. This one is a 01. Parts I am looking for are an oil pump drive assembly. None of ur parts houses have listings but none nowhere to be found. don't need the cam sensor, just the part underneath. Looking for cheap. Thanks. Victor
  2. Victor S.

    Looking for some Help

    Hi all. Like the title states( looking for help), I plan on installing my lift on my 00 XJ at my shop. Looking for a couple of people willing to help. Starting in the afternoon of the 25th and continuing until the 27th. i know this is memorial day weekend, but it's the only time I have when the...
  3. Victor S.

    Looking for some input.

    I'm getting ready to lift my XJ. Here's where I need some input. I have a new set of 3.5" leafs. I bought a 4.5" lift. Can I Take the add-a-leaf for the 4.5" and Place it in the 3.5 and will it give me the 4.5"or not. My springs are shot so I had found a set of 3.5. They son wanted a 4.5 so he...
  4. Victor S.

    Need help on trans Id.

    just picked up a 03 liberty 2wd 3.7. Anyone have any ideas on what trans is in this. was told it could be a 42rle or a 454rfe any help is appreciated.
  5. Victor S.

    Looking for some help?

    Need help with a cut and fold on my 00 XJ. Took the fender flares off and discovered a big rust hole in the right side quarter. Willing to pay, and need somewhat local to the Pa/De/SJ borders. Also will need to be done on a Sunday due to working 6 days a week. Thanks.
  6. Victor S.

    ISO 00 xj right side doors

    I have a customer that dented both right side doors on his 00 XJ Sport. Doesn't matter on color and close to phila. Cheap . Thanks Victor
  7. Victor S.

    4.0 Motors

    Hello all I have 2 4.0 for sale. One is out of a 00 XJ, ran but has a loud tick and a cracked head I believe. The other one is out of a 04 grand Cherokee. Was told it ran. Was gonna swap in my 00 but blocks are wrong. Looking for 150 for both. Can text pics. Thanks
  8. Victor S.

    NP 424J Transfer case

    Hey I have in my possession a NP 242J transfer case out of a 04 Grand Cherokee. Asking 100.00 located near the Pa/De state lines off of I95. Will not ship.
  9. Victor S.

    rocker replacement

    Hello all, Been out of the jeep scene since 2012. Some may remember me from when I was on here. Any way looking for rectangle steel tube measurements for replacing my rockers with weld in ones. Also to help as steps for my wife. Thanks. Vic
  10. Victor S.

    stock coil springs

    Hey Guys, looking for a set of stock coils for our shop's 89 cherokee. preferred free or real cheap. Let me know what is avail. Thanks. Willing to pick up South Jersey, Southeast Pa.
  11. Victor S.


  12. Victor S.

    WTB: Front driveshaft

    Looking for a front drive shaft for a friend. Its for a 96 4.0 with an AX15 trans. It has to be for a manual, an auto is too long. Let me know what you have. Have to be cheap and within the Pa,De,south NJ area. Thanks.
  13. Victor S.

    Looking for some info

    A friend of mine is build up an Xj on the cheap. they are looking for some information regarding which brake lines to use for a 6" lift. they are looking for which What they are using as a platform is a 96 XJ. Thanks.
  14. Victor S.

    Mr. Simon

    Happy birthday Jordan.:cheers:
  15. Victor S.

    Front coils and rear leafs

    I have a set of front coils and rear leafs for sale.
  16. Victor S.


    Have Re 7.5 coils 100.00 RE 5.5 leaf springs 100.00 Can bring to nacfest
  17. Victor S.


    The local parts houses don't have the rubber grommets that are in the valve cover. What have some of you done to replace them, or stopped them from leaking oil. The vehicle is an 87 with a 4.0. Any help is thankful.
  18. Victor S.

    Mr.John Gus

    Happy Birthday buddy.:party::party:
  19. Victor S.

    Hey Royal

    HFB dude. Have a few cold ones for me.party1:party1::cheers::cheers:
  20. Victor S.

    Door locks

    Does anyone know the part number for a set to an 87 XJ? My part houses list ones for a 91 and up. They also list them for 84 and down. Nothing for the years in between. The jeep is an 87 4dr., with a 4.0, np231, manual locks. Thanks for the help.