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  1. Magus2727

    Over heat, crappy radiator

    So this is likely all on me, I have a 1995 4.0 L AW4 auto Jeep, no real mods other than lifted 3" ish inches and 33" tires. The radiator that was in the Jeep (replaced by Previous Owner) was a fairly nice looking radiator, all metal and heavy duty looking. It got a hole in the core and...
  2. Magus2727

    Signs of when the Alternator goes bad

    Today when starting the Jeep after driving it around and also being in the middle of a camping event in Yellowstone. The check engine light came on and the voltage appears to be around 12.5 (don't have a multimeter on me, just gauging where the dash volt meter is sitting). Using a external...
  3. Magus2727

    Bolt snapped off in rear yoke on C8.25, Help!

    Installing new rear end got all the way done, except there was enough crap built up in the threads when I was trying to I stall the drive shaft at the very end one of the bolt snapped leaving half the bill in the threads. What are my options? Edit: I have the other C8.25 (27 spline) can I pull...
  4. Magus2727

    SS Brake lines w/ lift

    I am looking at getting some new brake lines. And a company called Toxic Off road has what I would be looking for. Mainly also have SS short lines for the rear ZJ disc conversion. Two questions. 1. Have people heard of or used this company for brake lines? (Link to website...
  5. Magus2727

    Rear disc on XJ C8.25" from a ZJ

    With the old drums and 33" tires were not helping me stop and finally needed to get around to getting new shoes. Thought I might as well use the C8.25 29 spline rear end I have had laying around for the last few years to good use. Grabbed the rear disc brakes off a 98 ZJ in the local junk...
  6. Magus2727

    Stud part # for Rear Disc Conversion

    I am going to be going to the junk yard on Friday to pick up parts for my rear disc conversion using Grand Cherokee parts. Going through the How-To's they say to pick up longer wheel studs. I guess I have two questions. What Knurl Diameter is needed for the C8.25" or what part # is needed...
  7. Magus2727

    The smell of hot wires and a whip of smoke from steering column...

    On a short trip I smelled a faint smell of warm / melting wires and was not sure if it was from my Jeep or not. It was not very strog. When I pulled up to the house (less than 2-3 min drive...) I removed the key and turned off the Jeep and a small whip of smoke came from under the steering...
  8. Magus2727

    A/C Compressor Info?

    This is not a request for the OEM manual, the A/C Compressor manufacture has a manual and looking to get information from it or a link to it. (manufacture I believe provides this so should be within forum rules) I just got a new 4 Seasons compressor which was delivered with shipping oil and...
  9. Magus2727

    AC Compressor clutch

    The AC finally went out on the Jeep last week. When the AC is on its a little bit cooler than normal vent but not by much. The clutch still engages when selected to be defrost or AC. But when I its standard vent/floors the clutch "catches". is this just saying I need a new compressor clutch...
  10. Magus2727

    Ran Transfercase Dry

    So my Jeep has become my wife's vehicle and I may have been neglecting its care a bit. Since changing out the ball joints where has been a bit of a noise (I always attributed it to possibly a fan clutch gone bad, or some other vibration that was not critical. I checked all the bolts and...
  11. Magus2727

    Hitch Harness

    Is there a hitch harness kit you can get for the Cherokee? I remember a few years back when I was first looking there might not be a "kit" and you just need to get a universal? I got what I believe is a factory hitch off a jeep in the junk yard and was going to get a 4 wire to 7 way adapter...
  12. Magus2727

    Drive line vibrations (only when under load)

    I have my Jeep that over the last few weeks i have been experiencing additional drive line vibrations when the throttle is pressed in. the vibrations are the same regardless of the amount the throttle is opened or what gear or even speed. The second I let off the throttle the vibrations go...
  13. Magus2727

    Dash kit for 95 Jeep

    I got a used stereo to replace the one that was stolen. I have not installed a stereo in the jeep before (previous owner installed the previous aftermarket radio). It looks like the thieves stole almost everything along with cutting the wires. it looks like there are differnt types of dash...
  14. Magus2727

    Jeep was broken into, repair driver side lock

    Below are the pictures of the damage done by some idiot who stole a $30 radio and a kids car seat from my jeep. I have ordered a replacement key lock and will have the dealer key it to my current key so I dont have a different key for each door. Question is, can this be easily repaired and...
  15. Magus2727

    t-stat or something else?

    So my jeep regardless of the weather outside only gets up to 160F (per my dash gauge) and only under heavy use does it ever only get to the 210. Does this sound like the t-stat might be stuck open? Or perhaps the fan clutch going bad and is stuck on the "high speed" setting?
  16. Magus2727

    What is this silver tube?

    So have a question. I was replacing the light switch on the instrument cluster and left power connected. After removal of the switch and install of the "new" switch and doing the final securing I felt something warm on my arm. I found that it was this metal tube. Its a 3 prong no marking...
  17. Magus2727

    Key Cylinder, going bad?

    Over the last few months (perhaps its been a year now), I have not been able to rotate my key all the way clockwise till it stops to start the car. I have to slowly rotate it from the "On" to the "start" position waiting for the starter to engage. This was no problem and got use to it. But...
  18. Magus2727

    lower control arms, great find at the junk yard?

    Picked up a set of "explore Pro Comp Chomolly Series" front lower control arms of a XJ from the junk yard this morning. Any thing I should do before installing them on my jeep? Should I replace the bushings? They look a little worn. I am guessing an alignment is going to be needed also?
  19. Magus2727

    Alternator, Blower Fan, AC Clutch?

    I have been battling my AC not working for the longest time and we are having record highs out here hitting at and over 100 F. I think I may have narrowed the problem down to possibly an electrical problem. When driving at freeway speeds (dont worry I was not the one taking the picture) My...
  20. Magus2727

    Blower Motor Speed Switch

    My blower speed switch broke (only does the lowest speed), and need to get a replacement. Are the parts on in the following path the right parts? 1995 JEEP CHEROKEE 4.0L L6 : Electrical-Switch & Relay : Blower Switch Like: