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  1. TORC811

    JCR Nutstrips New in the package JCR Nutstrips. BLACK LETTERS $45 RED LETTERS $40 Let me know... want them out of the garage.
  2. TORC811

    Maxxis Trep Radials

    I have 2 trepador radials I want out of the garage. Bought them to use but am going another direction. 37 x 12.5 x 17 One is 80% tread and the 2nd is ~65%. $250 OBO. Cash talks. I want them gone.
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    Reservations for 2020 are open and filling quickly. Call soon if you aren't planning on camping or staying at the Motel. Villa #1 - Open Villa #2 - Open Villa #3 - Booked Villa #4 - Booked Villa #5 - ExTankerGuy Villa #6 - Open Villa #7 - Macgyvr Villa #8 - Open North Lodge -Booked Cottage -...
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    Another Silver Family XJ... Limited

    With newborn twins at home things took a lot longer than planned so I went to Winterfest '19 Jeepless and missed Memorial Day at Wheeler's. I finally got things buttoned up for Jeep Jamboree on Drummond Island. The 3-link and the leafs flexed great down Marblehead. Didn't look bad by the...
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    Another Silver Family XJ... Limited

    I swapped the bumper/winch from the MJ, installed a receiver hitch for two points & installed HD shackle relocation brackets before we were off to Kentucky for the 2017 Cumberlands JJUSA. We followed that up with a handful of trips to Rocks and Valleys before things needed to change...
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    Another Silver Family XJ... Limited

    Well I finally have the XJ just about to how I want it, so I guess it is time for a build thread. I picked it up in Aug of 2017 with 70,000 original miles, "no" rust, 4.5 Rough Country short arm lift & 33" Duratracs.
  7. TORC811

    New Park in SE Michigan

    A 20-30 year operating contract has finally been approved for a new park in SE Michigan (Holly area). I went to 1 of the private trial runs for the park and it should be an awesome place to wheel...
  8. TORC811

    Jeep Speed Coils

    Now that PAC discontinued their line, is Deaver the only option for stiffer, go fast coils?
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    Radio Programming

    Anyone coming again this year that will be able to program radios? I never got a chance last year to try programming the Rugged Radio I won.
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    2001 Throwing P0172 & P0175

    I swapped injectors and TB on my XJ while I was replacing a locked up alternator. Now that I have everything back together, the Jeep is throwing P0172 and P0175 codes. I have done some searching and will: 1) check the O2 Sensor heater fuse 2) double check all of the ground wires to be safe...
  11. TORC811

    ISO XJ Fuel Line

    I need the gas line that runs from the hardline under the drivers floor up to the fuel rail. Not sure if they changed at all through the years but it will be going on 01 XJ. Anybody have a spare laying around before I pay the stealership?
  12. TORC811

    Renix TPS Bolt Size

    I have search Google and here but may have missed a previous thread. I have my stock TB and a bored TB. The holes are smaller on the bored TB so the TPS bolts don't fit. Does anyone know what size bolts are used for the Renix TPS? I am looking for the threads specifically not the TORX...
  13. TORC811

    ISO MJ Interior

    Anyone have MJ interior panels laying around? I am looking for the floor trim and the panels behind the seat in grey. I have cash and originally tan (sprayed black) panels to trade. Also looking for a set of rear speaker mounts to buy or copy.
  14. TORC811

    Leaf Springs

    What is everyone running for leafs? Mine are sagging pretty bad so I am starting to look for options. Have them re-arched, buy new, have built, etc.
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    St Helen MI Trip

    There is a group headed to St. Helen next Saturday, April 25 for a day on the trails. =St. Helen is nothing challenging but it is a good opportunity to get out in the woods. They are meeting at the St. Helen scramble area at 10 am. Check out Thumb Jeeps on Facebook or let me know if you want...
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    New MJ Guy from Saginaw, MI

    Hey everyone, just thought I would introduce myself quick. My names Pat and my 88 MJ is my first Jeep/wheeling rig. I met Fore Wheeler this summer which got me here...