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  1. the_weirdo

    Looking for someone to pull a part: Fairfield or Neward PnP

    I am looking to get the ECU from a 1998 Jeep Cherokee with the AW4 tranny. There are 2 1998 Cherokee's in Northern CA: one in Fairfield Pick-n-pull and one in Newark PnP. I'm looking for someone to go pull one of these for me and ship to me in Seattle. I am willing to pay decent money to...
  2. the_weirdo

    P0303 Cylinder 3 misfire

    1998, 4.0L, AW4 I've got a very noticeable misfire on cylinder 3 at idle. It seems to clear up once I'm on the gas. Fuel pressure tested at 49 psi. I swapped a spare ignition coil - no improvement. I changed all plugs, wires, cap, and rotor - no improvement. Swapped injectors from cylinders...
  3. the_weirdo

    Old Man Emu Rear Shocks for 3-5" lift

    I've got a pair of OME rear shocks for sale, part number 60053. They have an extended length of 22". They are good for 3-5" of lift on any year of Cherokee. I ran them for 2 years and about 8k miles. They are in excellent condition and have lots of life left. Selling because I lifted the XJ...
  4. the_weirdo

    Extended Shackles

    1 pair of extended shackles. It looks like one of them has about a 1/8" side bend in it. Asking $20 shipped.
  5. the_weirdo

    FK rod end pair, PTFE lined

    I have a pair of FK Rod Ends (Left-hand and Right-hand threads) that I didn't use on my front axle build. These have never been installed. Asking $80 shipped for the pair. Send me a PM if you are interested. Info from Summit Racing: Brand: FK Rod Ends Manufacturer's Part Number: JMX14T /...
  6. the_weirdo

    FK Rod ends for Sale

    I have a pair of FK Rod Ends (Left-hand and Right-hand threads) that I didn't use on my front axle build. These have never been installed. Asking $80 shipped for the pair. Info from Summit Racing: Brand: FK Rod Ends Manufacturer's Part Number: JMX14T / JMX14LT (left hand) Part Type: Rod...
  7. the_weirdo

    SierraFest: Aug 7-13

    I'm planning to go run the Rubicon and Deer Valley with the Sierra chapter folks. Anyone else interested? I'll probably drive down Sat Aug 5th and/or Sun Aug 6th, and be at the Rubicon trail early Mon morning. SierraFest info: Who's in?
  8. the_weirdo

    39- tooth Speedo gear for sale

    39 tooth for 4.56 and 33" tires. $20 shipped.
  9. the_weirdo

    Wanted: 231 or 242 Tcase for 1998 XJ

    Turns out my NP242 tcase is toast - I burnt up the sun gear in the diff. So now I'm looking for an NP231 or NP242 Tcase, with SYE or HnT is preferred.
  10. the_weirdo

    Dana 44 Yukon Spartan Locker

    Yukon Spartan Lunchbox Locker for Dana 44. Locker is 30-spline. Includes open carrier. $180 shipped. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  11. the_weirdo

    ARB RD117

    Selling an ARB RD117 for Dana 44 axles. I bought it with the intention to replace my Detroit locker but decided to keep the Detroit. Bearings have been pressed-on but it has not been installed. This unit has 0 miles on it. Asking $650 shipped. Edit: Send me a PM if you are interested, I...
  12. the_weirdo

    Dana 44 ARB RD117

    ARB RD117 for 3.73 and down gears (3.73, 3.55, etc). Can go to deeper ratios if you get thick gears. Was planning to run it in the rear of my XJ, but decided last-minute to stay with the Detroit full locker. Bearings were pressed on, but it was never installed or run. Asking $650 shipped.
  13. the_weirdo

    Dana 44 parts

    For sale: a) Dana 44 open carrier, 3.92 and up, used: $50 b) Dana 44 lunchbox locker, 30-spline, used (I think it's a Yukon Spartan): $150 c) 4.88 gears for HP Dana 44, used: $50
  14. the_weirdo

    EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads

    Selling a used pair of EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads for Dana 30. Came off my 1998 XJ and have tons of life left. Asking $45 shipped.
  15. the_weirdo

    Built Dana 30, Currie Steering, 33" tires, Roof rack

    For sale. I'm putting a Dana 44 on the front end and changing bolt pattern. Parts will be available late April/early May. Located in Everett, WA. May be able to deliver within a reasonable distance. Make me an offer. a) HP Dana 30: 4.56 Yukon gears, Yukon chromo shafts, ARB locker, LCA mini...
  16. the_weirdo

    15x8" Soft 8 Beadlocks, 5x4.5" pattern

    Selling 4 beadlock rims that I picked up in trade 2 years ago. I had grand plans for them but never used them and they've just been sitting. They are dusty from sitting in the garage but will clean up nice. I'm tossing a D44 under the front and these are no longer in the build plan because...
  17. the_weirdo

    Borrow Dana 44 spindle nut socket

    Anyone in the south Bay Area have a Dana 44 spindle nut socket I can borrow in the next day or two? If not I'll hit up Oreilley Auto tomorrow. I'm trying to tear down this axle to make it easier to get into the Suburban and up to Seattle this week. Josh Weirdo
  18. the_weirdo

    WA Jeepers: Tahuya, Fri 11/25

    I'm thinking about heading to Tahuya on Fri 11/25. Possibly meet at the Safeway at 10am. I'll know for sure if I can go on Weds. Anyone interested?
  19. the_weirdo

    Tahuya: Sat 2/13

    I'm planning to run to Tahuya ORV on Sat 2/13 for a shakedown run. I'm meeting some guys from work at the Safeway in Belfair, WA at 9:45am. Hit me up if you want to tag along.
  20. the_weirdo

    WTB: Front D44 housing or complete axle

    I'm tired of 4.56 gears, and 4.88's won't be enough for me if I bump up to 35s. Time to consider stepping up to a D44 front. It's too rainy up in Seattle to hit the junkyards and lay in the mud to pull an axle. I'll be in the Bay Area over Xmas. Anyone in the Bay Area got a front D44 for...