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  1. srmitchell

    Low Compression- 198k. Rings? Carbon buildup?

    Hey all. Drove my xj out to a local river spot a few days back, about 40 miles from home. Lots of hills, 90 degree heat. Couldn't get out of its own way. Incredibly slow, hard to hold speed on hills, etc. Jeep has been well maintained for the 75k I've had it. Has 198k right now. 2001, 4.0...
  2. srmitchell

    Getting back into the XJ game. Any Humboldt folks?

    Hey all! After some time away from my Cherokee, I've started doing some repairs, upgrades and restoration. I thought about selling it for a while. Ended up selling my Dart instead. Now I daily drive my WJ, and this is the weekend rig. -Completely rebuilt Tom Woods drivelines. All my vibrations...
  3. srmitchell

    Longer time Xj'er now a WJ'er

    Hey guys! Many of you might recognize my Cherokee, I had it for 8 years. AKA Rattletrap. Xj by Sean Mitchell, on Flickr New Years Adventures by Sean Mitchell, on Flickr Well my dad bought a super clean 2004 WJ as his new project about 2 years ago. And then he decided to upgrade and get a 2017...
  4. srmitchell

    What would you pay for my XJ?

    This is a hard decision, but my dad is offering me his 80,000 mile 2004 WJ Overland for way less than its worth. I can't keep two jeeps, I already have a 2015 Dart with a payment as my dd. Just wondering what you guys think would be fair, I haven't truly decided if i want to do this yet, but...
  5. srmitchell

    I need an AGM Battery... Locally

    Hey guys. I need a battery that will serve me well for winching, and other accessories. My Napa battery is toast, it got hammered too hard winching recently, and now it is doing weird shit when cranking. Failed the CCA test. Redtop? Yellow top? I hear Optimas have issues now... But I've also...
  6. srmitchell

    Why am I stuck with 12mpg? Help Appreciated

    Hey dudes. I won't bore you with my complaints about how my rig only manages 12mpg, but really... wtf. I'm looking for answers, and help. Don't tell me to buy a honda. I have a Dodge dart which manages 27mpg, all day long. This is about range for expedition travel. I use my jeep for...
  7. srmitchell

    Getting burnt out on Xj's?

    Hey dudes. I've been doing some thinking lately- I got my jeep in 2007, it was stock, I was a kid, and I have been building it ever since. I think I have had this particular xj for longer than a significant percentage of NAXJA guys have had their rigs. 8 years? I actually took my driving...
  8. srmitchell

    C4x4 Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, Hitch

    Hey dudes. Selling my C4X4 Rear bumper. 97-01. Full bumper, matching swing out with a hi-lift mount. CB antenna mount, side armor, and factory style hitch with greatly increases the strength of the bumper. Check out my Ad. Naxja users- 500, red names- 475. I have a ton of work into this...
  9. srmitchell

    5- BFG KM2's (33's) on TJ Moab Wheels

    I gotta get rid of these things. Please check out the ad, there is a red letter discount. Located near Eureka unfortunately. Thanks! Sean
  10. srmitchell

    If you have a Rigidco tire carrier, consider yourself lucky!

    Hey dudes. You might have seen my xj on the Sierra Chapter pages. Samoa Cruising by Sean Mitchell 707, on Flickr I've been rocking a Rigidco FBG front bumper, modified with a TJ winch plate grafted in for about 6 years. I love this thing. Has held up to so much abuse... The mounting system is...
  11. srmitchell

    Re-hashing my XJ build for the North Coast

    Hey dudes, figured I'd do a little updating. My wheeling opportunities are seldom these days, which sucks, but that is just life I suppose. I work 40+ hours a week at the Eureka Lithia CJD dealer as an apprentice technician... So I wrench all day, and wrench on the weekends too. The...
  12. srmitchell

    2004 WJ Special Edition for sale

    Hey dudes, We are selling our 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition. Super solid rig, great mpg for a jeep, lots of good parts. Untitled by Sean Mitchell 707, on Flickr Copied from the ad- 105,000 miles. Great condition! Always reliable. Bright Silver, Special Edition package has painted...
  13. srmitchell

    Feeler- Looking for an ax-15, or NV3550

    Just throwing this out there... Looking for a 97-99 ax-15, or 2000-2001 NV3550. Will pay decent money if the history/condition is known. Not looking to rebuild it. Reason- Sick of the aw4. Mine slips occasionally so I know it'll need to be swapped sometime anyway. I already have the clutch...
  14. srmitchell

    No longer just an oil changer

    Hey guys. Talked to a lot of you at Sierrafest and how I have been working for the Jeep dealer in Eureka as a lube tech... That is finally changing. My boss is awesome and 2 days ago I explained to him that I was totally sick of changing oil on 2500/3500 diesels all day... He suprised me and...
  15. srmitchell

    King Fire

    For those interested... It is pretty close to the Rubicon. Touching highway 50. We need rain.
  16. srmitchell

    Selling- 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    We are listing our 04 WJ. Really clean, well built rig. Never abused, mostly highway miles. Price negotiable for NAXJA friends.
  17. srmitchell

    Messing with the GoPro

    Clamped it to the Hawse from my winch facing back. Great way to see how everything works! Post up your Gopro shots! Columbus
  18. srmitchell

    Humboldt Roll Call

    Hey Dudes... There seems to be a new influx of Cherokee nuts in this area. I live in Mckinleyville, and I work Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Eureka. I have been seeing built xj's everywhere... Theres a gold one with my Napier flares, a green one with a roof rack, and many more. So who is...
  19. srmitchell

    Nitrocharger Sport?

    Hey Guys. I've had the Old Man Emu Nitrochargers now for 6 years, and well over 45,000 hard miles. Lots of offroad, and no sway bars. These things are beat. I'm getting some money back from Jeepinoutfitters for a return... Now is the time for new shocks. Who runs the new OME Nitrocharger...
  20. srmitchell

    Need help with installing my 8.25 gears

    Doing my first gear install at my work. (mopar dealer, with supervision from my coworker.) Chrysler 8.25, 4.56 gears. The last gear set was installed poorly, so it was noisy and the backlash was whack. Bearings failed too. So I do not want to just re-use the shims as a depth reference. My...