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    $100 parts comanche

    My wife wont let me buy a parts comanche and the guy wont sell me the head liner. If you guys know who buys It I would like to buy some interior parts off the next owner. Looks like a D60 rear axle on it. good deal for $100
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    WAZ 7th Annual Josh Memorial Run, Table mesa May 2nd

    Open invite wheeling at Table mesa May 2nd, All skill levels Typically we will split up into two groups to meet all skill levels. If you plan to go post up your shirt size on WAZ or on the WAZ facebook group event
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    WTB: XJ center console, MJ headliner

    For my son's MJ project we still need some interior parts. Im looking for the newer XJ long style center console. Gray preferred so we dont have to paint it. head liner could be re-covered but a good condition gray is preferred. Let me know what you have and what you want for it. thanks...
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    WAZ run Nov 22nd Florence

    Planning a Wheeling Arizona run to Florence The weekend of Nov 22nd It will be a mix of all skill levels and rig types. I plan to split us up into two groups, more extreme rigs and milder rigs.
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    Wanted, Gauge dash trim center console, MJ headliner

    For our 89 Comanche project, Im looking for a good condition Gauge dash trim, a gray center console, and a Gray head liner. Were Tucson/Vail PM me if you have parts. Were looking for good quality plastics or a head liner we can re-cover.
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    Front Hitch $50 Vail Az

    1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee Downsize, All Models (Will Not Fit Grand Cherokee) 1986-1992 Jeep Comanche 1984-1990 Jeep Wagoneer Downsize, All Models (Will Not Fit Grand Wagoneer) Hitch Brand: Draw Tite Model 65009 Weight rating, 9K Lbs, 300 Lb Tongue Do a receiver mount winch, move it to the front...
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    WAZ 5th Annual Josh Memorial Run April 12-14th

    Were going wheeling this weekend. Wheeling arizona run will be a mix of all makes and models from buggies to mild stockers. Planning the 5th annual Josh memorial run. Ive been talking with Tom Christmas the owner of Josh's old...
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    WTB: Front doors, interior, seats, marker lights, trackbar

    I bought an 88 MJ and need parts. Exterior: Front doors, preferred white, with tan panels, manual no power options Front Turn signal side marker lights Interior: Bucket seats, Tan Carpet, Tan Headliner Tan Can cut down an XJ one Sun visors Tan Center console for Auto Tan E-brake lever Tan...
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    Tucson Feb 11th Sat Char Gap

    Im planning a WheelingArizona Char Gap run Sat the 11th, all skill levels. Well be meeting in the big parking lot near the burger king at golder ranch rd and Oracle 10AM.
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    Selling My XJ Buggy, V8, 42s, 1tons

    Starting At $15k, located in Tucson Pics taken 04/01
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    W.E.Rock Tucson AZ Apr 1-3

    Re: W.E. Rock Tucson! Typical fees from past years Adult $15 per day, $3 parking per day Two day pass $25 kids 8-17 $5 per day Kids under 8 free Entries for pro classes $400 Sat and Sun Sportsman class $100 Sat and Sun Entry fees includes driver and spotter admission fees. Staff and judges...
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    Saturday Hard Trails

    Who wants to run some hard trails on Saturday. The plan would be Overdose (OD) (4.5+), Ecstasy (X) (4.0+), Axle Alley (AA)(4.5+), then decided if there is time to do Woody's Wash (WW) (4.5) It will take all day. Myself and Chad can lead. Overdose and Axle Alley may require a winch pull (steep...
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    Front Coilover mounting Hoop, Pics..wanted.

    Im looking at ideas for front coilover hoops. I have 16in 2.5in coilovers, with 6in of up travel mounted on top of the dana 60 inner C so it will come through the hood. Id like to not need to move the brake MC. I found these pictures on XJ db one with the brake MC and one with it removed. Id...
  14. A Modified XJ pics HACKED?

    Anyone know whats up with the It has been re-directed to some "Hackers" logo.
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    1998 AW4 Computer $50, AZ, Tucson

    I bought this 1998 AW4 tranny computer to do an aw4 swap but I ended up doing a full drivetrain swap. This webpage has a ghreat writeup on the wiring needed to use the computer with a tranny swap: $50 OBO.
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    1996 Engine Computer/Harness AZ, Tucson

    I got this 1996 Engine computer and harness from a running 4.0L with AW4 behind it, The guy I bought the computer and tranny from used the 4.0L in his YJ. I have since sold off the aw4 but still have this Engine computer. make an offer.
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    1988 XJ Engine Computer/haness AZ, Tucson

    I sold my running 4.0L engine before doing my chevy 5.7L Engine swap. The Guy didnt need the computer so Ive held onto it. If you really want the harness Ill check on its condition. Make me an offer..
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    Np203 Gear Reduction box, Arizona Tucson

    I think its a 1979 Dodge NP203, use it as a Doubler T-case 2:1 reduction, 23 spline input will mate to the AW4 or 23 spline 5speeds $100 OBO. 80Lbs Picture of the 203 mounted up to an AW4 with a ford 205 behind it. you can drill and tap the 203 to any clocking you desire, as pictured it is...
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    V8 intake scoop, drag style/hot rod, air filter?

    Im looking at the Summit racing MRG-6651 It has the butterfly style inlets and will mate up to a 4 barrle carb. Ive loved the look of these sice I was a kid, but to put it on my v8 in my trial rig is only ok if the airfilter is acceptable. Summit says it has an air filter, any know what kinda...
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    1995 XJ 2.5L Aw4 swap?

    I found a guy that want to use my AW4 on his 2.5L. My AW4 came of a 1996 4.0L XJ, I have hte flex plate, torque convert, tranny and computer, 23 spline output. Can he mate this to his 2.5L 1995? would need a different t-case for sure.