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  1. SpartyKrunk

    Little Red Wagon

    "Im tryin to sell my 30 and 8.25 .... 410 gears lsd rear 29 spline. Front crossover big joints open new brakes and u-joints. Askin $600 obo for the set"
  2. SpartyKrunk

    Dallas/Ft. Worth

    So, since RoM is days away. I know alot of use from this area are going; are we all going on our own or is a convoy in thought? If option two is go, where will everybody be meeting or catching up where?
  3. SpartyKrunk


    What's the deal on the coloring books ? lol I wanna buy a boxfull. :greensmok
  4. SpartyKrunk

    RoM Talk

    Post who's planning to do what, in what, and with who and what you're looking forward to and such. Who's excited about the chili? lol. Im takin my recipe, hope yall like it. :chef:
  5. SpartyKrunk

    Urgent Dilema!! <---(spellcheck)

    Who here has a maroonish colored XJ on black steelies and a black AJ's style bumper and lives on Barnes Bridge Road in Mesquite?! I do believe it was house number 330 or something like that. Not entirely sure. I was aazed by the beatiful XJ on the front drive thru style drive way. :rof:
  6. SpartyKrunk

    Anybody got nice tunes?
  7. SpartyKrunk

    More pics, go ahead, make fun

  8. SpartyKrunk

    Life with an XJ

    I need a new XJ. I miss the feeling of breaking wrenches and the smell of motor oil mixing with my blood. I miss the hunt of dropped bolts and sparkplugs. I miss spending the entire day outside under the hood getting nothing done. Just using the excuse of "I was tryin to figure out what broke."...
  9. SpartyKrunk

    Hope I can find it a new home.
  10. SpartyKrunk

    Finally, pics of my rigs with my new phone.

    This is my baby fresh out of a swamp run and my friends Honda under it. Poser shots, I know, but you wanted pics, so here they are. These are pics of my new WJ stuck in icky mud. 2wd btw. Then I called a friend to come pull me out. He got stuck too. And this was yesterday...
  11. SpartyKrunk

    This is what I was talking 'bout Any opinions?
  12. SpartyKrunk

    Any electricians around?

    Im goin to start cleaning my XJ and detailing it so I can sell it to get a newer one. But my dash gave out on me about a week ago. Speedometer and ect. Any help on how I can fix it? :sure:
  13. SpartyKrunk


    Who lives around Garland anyways? I wanna meet up with somebody. I feel confused with my XJ. I feel like im all alone here. I wanna cry sometimes when I only see stock XJ's around and none of them know the meaning of a Jeep. :shiver:
  14. SpartyKrunk

    Getting Rear coils in December.

    Anybody say otherwise or wanna give me some tips? I could use some opinions. Here's pics of what I plan on getting. That's from OR Fab Or should I get a coilover? Whats the difference? Besides the coils over the shocks. And what's this for? I cant figure out how it works. :moon:
  15. SpartyKrunk

    Post pics of international XJ's only!

    I dont have one, but if anybody does, I wanna see. Any Soviets here btw? :worship:
  16. SpartyKrunk

    Just wonderin how people make their dough.

    I was wonderin what everybody's profession is. I'll start off. I'm a cook at CHili Gordos in Richardson. Pays pretty good and I love food. haha. I plan on starting full time culinary school in December. Become an Executive Chef in about 3 years. :cheers:
  17. SpartyKrunk

    Road Trip Summer 2010

    I know it's still a while away, but I like to plan ahead. Especially for a trip like this one. So far I plan on going up through Amarillo, Colorado Springs, Denver, then through Grand Junction into Moab. :yelclap:Spend a few days there then head south through an old route 66 backroad into St...
  18. SpartyKrunk

    Rear Lift Blocks

    Are they a bad idea?:helpme:Because I have 4" steel blocks in the rear. That's how my XJ came like when I got it. I've been wanting to get rid of them but I haven't been in such a rush, I didn't know they were bad.:( If somebody could fill me in with some pros and cons. It's my DD yet I take it...
  19. SpartyKrunk


    Does anybody know if C-Rok really did stop making his exo cages? Because I was planning on buying one in about a month. Then I read in another thread that he's not making them anymore. Does anybody know anything to confirm this bad news?
  20. SpartyKrunk

    XJ's in Dallas

    :wave1: Just wondering how many XJ wheelers live around the Dallas area. Planning a trip to Moab in about a year and it'd be nice to have somebody along for the trip. I know a few trails around here also.