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  1. XJ_Rudolph

    In search of SYE for np231

    In search of an sye for a buddies TJ, let me know what ya got! Or if you have a tcase with the sye already on it that works too.
  2. XJ_Rudolph

    C8.25 mega price drop!

    Sooo i realized my original price was too high. So, 40$ takes this c8.25. Stock everything. Does not have any ebrake cables attached but i do have equal length ones if you want them. This would be great if you needed spare shafts or something! Let me know!
  3. XJ_Rudolph

    U bolts

    1/2in ubolts off of an 8.25, who wants them?! Shoot me an offer. Comes with hardware
  4. XJ_Rudolph

    Ebrake cable swap

    Ok so a few questions: 1. Does anyone know how to take out c8.25 ebrake cables without taking apart the entire brake? Also with the d44? 2. Will the ebrake cables from the 8.25 work with the d44? I am at this dilemma because the d44 has equal length ebrake lines but the 98 cherokee has an...
  5. XJ_Rudolph

    Crysler 8.25

    Chrysler 8.25 for sale! Bone stock off my 98 cherokee, comes with drums, ebrake lines, and hard brake lines. Nothing broken and no gear howl. Iv got HD shackles as well for a little extra. She is ready to be bolted up! $250 obo.
  6. XJ_Rudolph

    Cheep Steel

    Looking for some places to get cheep steel (DOM tube to be exact, but also just cheep in general), Pleasanton steel is just too expensive. Iv herd that Team Tube in Sac is cheep as well as any7offroad. Anyone know of any other places that are cheep?
  7. XJ_Rudolph

    Looking for a Miller mig welder

    Hey guys, im looking for a solid miller mig welder, preferably a millermatic 180 autoset. Has to be a 240ish volt one if its not the 180. Let me know what you guys have or if you know any who doesnt want theres!! Also looking for a big tank on the cheep, iv got a small co2 tank iv just got to...
  8. XJ_Rudolph

    Late Summer Rubicon Run

    Thinking about doing a late summer rubicon run after I get more parts on. Probably going to do it sometime late August, lets try and come up with some dates that will work with 3+ people! Im thinking a Saturday and Sunday. This is going to be my first rubicon run!!! My list of stuff to get...
  9. XJ_Rudolph

    Detroit TrueTrac

    Does anyone have any experience with the Detroit TrueTrac on our type of Sierra rocks? Or on trails in general.
  10. XJ_Rudolph

    Gas can recommendations?

    Should I be getting a plastic gas can or a metal one? It has to be a tall skinny one to fit in my roof rack basket next to my tire. Any advice would be amazing!
  11. XJ_Rudolph

    Steering Oil Cooler Question

    Iv got 33s and upgraded steering linkage, I was wondering if I should instal an oil cooler for it. Im going to be wheeling in areas with a ton of rocks this summer (Tahoe area). What do you guys think?
  12. XJ_Rudolph

    OEM Cross bar play

    Does anyone know how to take the play or wiggle out of the OEM cross bars? It is happening right where the metal tube is connected to the feet which is then connected to the rails on the roof. I want to put a basket up there to cary a tire and some gas cans. Thanks!
  13. XJ_Rudolph

    skid plate with long arms question

    Ok guys, so I have some IRO long arms on my XJ ( Has anyone run belly skid plates with this long arm lift? Im trying to find a skid plate that would fit with them, and so far...
  14. XJ_Rudolph

    Rear Seat Headrest Install for an OEM Look

    Hi everyone! This weekend I decided to take on the challenge of putting in rear seat headrests in my XJ! Basically you need the top 1/4 of the back seat of a ZJ which has the head rest brackets, mounting tube, and black plastic finishers. Tools wise, you need an angle grinder with grinder and...
  15. XJ_Rudolph

    Project Rudolph

    Hi Everybody! I started my first ever jeep build a few weeks ago, a 1998 XJ Classic that is chili pepper red. It has the 4L I6 auto tranny and NP231 T-case. I am installing an Iron Rock Offroad 5.5in long arm lift with DT8000 shocks and an SYE. I will be getting 33x12.5 on 15x8 rims. Iv got...