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  1. XJ_ranger

    recomendation - San Diego A/C shop

    Howdy - My '91 cummins tow rig needs the A/C worked on. Probably just filled. Probably R12. Can anyone recommend a shop in the SD area who will do a good job for a reasonable price, and not steal my truck?
  2. XJ_ranger

    Sand Hollow - 7/16-7/16, 2016

    I'll be there wheeling in the morning until it gets too hot, then I'm headed for A/C. :laugh2: Plan is to run DeKleined, TNT, Nasty Half, and Arrowhead, in some order.:guitar: If you want to come, bring a rig that can run 2 of those trails before lunch, :greensmok or a 6 pack of beer, a...
  3. XJ_ranger

    Need 23 spline AX-15

    Closer to Bremerton, WA the better. Needs to be in good shape, don't have time to rebuild one. Whatcha got? :greensmok
  4. XJ_ranger

    Sand Hollow, May 2015

    Located in the St. George / Hurricane / Washington area in the state of Utah, this is hands down the coolest hard core rock crawling I've ever done. A bunch of Canadian rock crawler guys I've competed with have an annual Moab trip in May, and decided for their 10th year, to try a new location...
  5. XJ_ranger

    Idaho X Rocks!

    First event is next weekend, May 9th. Near Boise! There will be a lot of folks there in really cool rigs. I'll be bringing my blue XJ buggy thing, and trying to keep up with the pro's! Word on the street is that Jesse Haines, Greame Tydeman, James Treacy, Rick Penrose, Randy Southall...
  6. XJ_ranger

    Did anyone go? Are there any pictures?

    I always like looking at pics of AZ wheelin!
  7. XJ_ranger

    Snow Wheeling! (not really) Tampico 3-28-15

    After riding there last friday, I convinced my buddy that we needed to make a trip over there. The trees are spaced so much further apart than the terrain we usually ride on the west side of the state. So we let his place in Gig Harbor about 5:10am Saturday, and unloaded at treephones...
  8. XJ_ranger

    Wanted: 4wd AX-15

    Need one for the buggy. If you've got one taking space in your garage, sell it to me so it will take up space in mine! Buggy is a '92, not sure if that part matters. I'm in Port Orchard, WA but don't mind driving.
  9. XJ_ranger

    Bret Preble, long time FOF president steps down, Thanks NAXJA Bret is a stand up guy, as are/were all the FOF and 4Dyce crew. The Sierra Chapter was instrumental in FOF getting off the ground and helped out for many years with their/our cause. Fordyce is on my list to take a...
  10. XJ_ranger

    Gallagher Head Lake 9-20-14

    A buddy of mine bought a 1960 Willys Pickup when he was 14, in Colorado. He drove it through college, then moved to WA, leaving the truck in CO with his folks. In march he went back to CO for a week of snowmobiling, borrowed my car hauler trailer and came back with the truck. A few long...
  11. XJ_ranger

    Not Mine - XJ 44 rear in Livermore for $100, needs brakes just thought I'd pass this along if anyone needs it.
  12. XJ_ranger

    Lower control arm mounts

    I cant take credit for inventing this, I think I stole the idea from Goatman or Crash a bunch of years ago.... but here goes: In today's world of suspension building where most folks opt to buy pre-fabricated brackets, and then struggle to make them work on whats left of their frame, I thought...
  13. XJ_ranger

    Naches 10-4-13

    Started the pre-trip prep by breaking the weld holding my orbital input spud to the steering column connecting u-joint. Turns out the CRES 303 Flaming River U-joint that specifically says not to weld it, really means it. Even using 316L and 308 filler the repair weld still cracked out. So I...
  14. XJ_ranger

    Cal Neva Extreme - July 7th and 8th

    At donner ski Ranch. I'll be there in the 35's and under class, running this rig around: stop by when I'm not on course and say hello, stop by after the event is over and I'll give ya a beer! (or soda). Hope some of you can make it.
  15. XJ_ranger

    Little Sluice Juniper Tree... Fallen!

    From this past summer... (Photo by Dave "Letterman") Currently... Photo by 'Resqme' on Pirate 4x4 in the link above -
  16. XJ_ranger

    Friends of Fordyce Annual Meeting - Thursday, April 19th, 2012 - Sacramento

    Got this e-mail from Bret - This is a great group of guys who really 'get it' with the forest service guys - and spend a ton of time maintaining that relationship that they have built. In past years, NAXJA Sierra Chapter has given quite a bit of our donations from the SierraFest raffles and...
  17. XJ_ranger

    12/9/11 - Gold Creek, 12/10/11 - Stampede Pass

    Some pics from this past weekend... Gold Creek... Stampede Pass
  18. XJ_ranger

    First ride of the season - 11/25/11

    ... Got out to Greenwater, WA for some post-turkey day riding. I'm terrible at running a snowmobile. The damn thing has neither front dig, nor cutting brakes! No pics of anything cool... My buddy has the Go-Pro running so maybe there will be some video of me going over the...
  19. XJ_ranger

    Rubicon August 8 thru 11

    Some of ya'll have asked about the Rubicon (back when I used to wheel). I'm headed down there for Sierrafest... Ya'll should come. :cheers:
  20. XJ_ranger

    Fordyce work day, July 16

    From Bret and FOF - great group of folks, great trail, and would be a great time if anyone can make it.