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  1. macgyvr

    Registered User Test

    i reported this post and don't know where it went...fwiw
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    Harlan trip!

    Looks good on a phone mac ‘have we fucked with it enough’ gyvr
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 rims - 5

    5 - Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9 limited rims 4 are clean, one will take some work to clean up These are 16 inch aluminum rims. One tire might be road worth, other 4 are may pops 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern same as XJ, TJ, MJ, YJ. $150 firm includes tires with paypal payment for Winterfest delivery...
  4. macgyvr

    Flow of Winterfest.

    If there's one thing I hate going to an event, it's that I don't know where to go at an event. So let's fix that. If you are new to Winterfest this post will be informative. If you are coming back for another year, THERE ARE A COUPLE OF CHANGES TO TAKE NOTE OF. When you arrived at the...
  5. macgyvr

    Weather... starting to come in... mac 'anything but rain please' gyvr
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    Jeep Cherokee XJ rear leaf springs

    1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee leaf springs (pair). I believe they have an add-a-leaf or stock in great shape. The Jeep they came off of had a 3/4 lift puck up front (pucks not forsale). They do have 3 of 4 bolts seized in the bushings as I cut the bolts to get them out. You can either replace the...
  7. macgyvr

    Jeep Cherokee XJ hatches

    Two hatches White one 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 Jeep Cherokee rear hatch White in color Solid all the way around. Some paint chipping at the top and a bit of rust at the bottom. Hatch struts included are good. I don’t know if wiper motor works. PM me for more pics. Key available...
  8. macgyvr

    Jeep XJ Radiator

    Jeep Cherokee radiator. Has auto transmission hookups. Came out of a 99, 4.0 automatic, should fit early 90s to 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ. Good condition. Only a couple years old. $40 Paypal payment required before event. mac 'stay cool' gyvr
  9. macgyvr

    Jeep 5.9 motor

    Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 V8 Includes the motor and engine accessories seen in photos except: ***Computer, k and n, throttle body, and transmission (needs rebuilt) sold separately.*** Have video of it running send me a message. 251k miles Sounds smooth, cooling system still had pressure, fuel...
  10. macgyvr

    Jeep XJ 4.0 motors

    2 Jeep 4.0 motors as described below.. 1999 XJ 200k miles $200 obo Needs head gasket, turns over. 1997 XJ 259k miles $300 obo Runs good. Have video of it running. (Back left one is sold.) Located in Fort Wayne, IN Engine stands NOT forsale Can bring to Winterfest with a paypal payment...
  11. macgyvr

    1999 XJ AW-4 200k miles

    Worked when pulled. 200k miles $200 obo No cooler lines, currently connected to a np231 that I'll sell for $100 package deal of $250 I will only bring if pre-paid with paypal. mac 'drive train minus motor' gyvr
  12. macgyvr

    t cases...

    If I don't got it, you don't need it ;) 249 from 1998 5.9 ZJ 251k miles - $75 242 from 1996 4.0 ZJ 160k miles - $100 231 from 1997 4.0 XJ 260k miles - $75 (front yoke is missing) 231 from 1999 4.0 XJ 200k miles - $100 All are OBO, I can provide pics, they all look like a tcase with dust/dirt...
  13. macgyvr

    So you missed Winterfest pre-registration...

    Did you miss pre-registration for Winterfest? Have no fear. You'll still be able to register on site, both Friday and Saturday mornings. The registration table will be set up in the Badlands main office near where you meet the nice folks with the Badlands to settle up go wheelin. We have...
  14. macgyvr

    Member's Raffle prize!

    We are giving away a 10 lb co2 tank with accessories in the members raffle. To win you must be a paid red letter NAXJA member and pre-register for Winterfest 2020 by Feb 16th! mac 'free air' gyvr
  15. macgyvr

    IRON ROCK OFF ROAD sponsors Winterfest for the 7th year in a row!!!

    In case you missed it a few weeks ago, we announced that for the 7th year, IRON ROCK OFF ROAD is going to be sponsoring the 20th anniversary of Winterfest! If you would like FREE SHIPPING and 15% off if you use cash, you need to call IRO (ask for Josh) and get your parts ordered and they will...
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    Friday Night Potluck sponsored by ARES FAB!

    The Friday Night potluck sponsored by Ares Fabrication will be at the West Mill Social Hall again this year. [/SIZE] The location of the potluck will be West Mill Social Hall - 115 W Mill St, Attica, IN. You will need clean shoes. We will have the doors open at 530pm and try to eat by 6pm...
  17. macgyvr

    ***Trail Communications - Radios***

    I want to make sure again this year that everyone is on the same page for communicating on the trail at Winterfest. Many of you remember that FIVE years ago we gave away FRS radios with registration for Winterfest. Those worked very well on the trail instead of using CB radios. While we haven't...
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    NAXJA MWC tech list

    All vehicles must have the following equipment to attend the off road portion of NAXJA MWC sponsored events: • Legally required automobile insurance and registration; • Visibly charged Fire extinguisher; The MWC strongly suggests that at least 5lbs of fire extinguisher capability be on each...
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    Winterfest Schedule of Events

    See attached file. Not complete, but it has the times for most things going on. Will continue to update as information is confirmed. Updated 2/7/2020 mac 'one month away' gyvr
  20. macgyvr

    25% Discounted Winterfest Lodging

    The NAXJA MWC BOD is proud to announce that in cooperation with the Badlands, we will be offering discounted lodging at the Badlands "Off the trail" cabins, villas, and campground for Winterfest 2020. All pre-registered, paid NAXJA members will get 25% off any camping, villa, cabin rental...