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  1. Ryan93

    XJ Garage Clean out.

    Hey NAXJA, been a while but I need to get rid of this stuff collecting dust. I don't want to deal with shipping anything really, sorry. Rubicon Express 4.5 Coils - $125 Good shape, just a little worn on the outside. Full Traction Long Arms - $400 Alright, so these are just the arms and...
  2. Ryan93

    WTB: Stock Rear Bumper

    I need a stock rear bumper. The jeep is a 93 so the older style would be great. Need one with the end caps and everything. Good condition not beat to hell. Thanks let me know. -Ryan
  3. Ryan93

    Warn Rear bumper w/ Tire Carrier

    Alright selling a Warn rear bumper with tire carrier. I dont really know where to even start with at a price, I am kinda just getting a feeler right now. You can pm me some offers that would be great. Dont really have any pictures of it on the jeep, its off the jeep right now. Some more Info...
  4. Ryan93

    RE Fixed Lowers

    Pair of Rubicon Express Fixed Lowers. For a 4.5 lift. Bushing on one end, joint on the other. Cant ship. I need CASH dont want to trade for more stuff thats going to sit in my garage. $75 OBO
  5. Ryan93

    Shock Rebuilder?

    Anyone here have the ability to rebuild some shocks? I believe I only need the seals done and thats it.. but im really not sure.. one is just leaking shock oil from the dust cap. they are KING 2.5s smoothies thanks, you can PM me if you want.
  6. Ryan93

    Garage Cleaning Jeep Stuff

    Alright I need some cash and this stuff is just collecting dust... Pro-Comp Shock converter for front shocks. $15 Coil Spacers just under 2 Inches. $20 Big Daddy Tie Rod with stock Drag Link.. TRE look like they need replacing.. $40 Rubicon Express Fixed Lowers RE3700 $75 Extreme Duty...
  7. Ryan93

    Baja HID/TONY in Off Road Mag!

    Hey TONY! Saw the write up about the conversions waaay cool man! keep it goin!
  8. Ryan93

    Anyone got Nitrogen?

    Hey anyone have a nitrogen bottle I could use to charge up 2 shocks? they wont be in the car... thanks in advance, might end up going to a Tire shop tho if nobody is close
  9. Ryan93

    Control Arm adjustment question

    Hello, just put some new adjustable lower control arms on my RE Drop Kit.. my situation is on my driver side my coil sits perfect no binding straight up, bump stop in the middle... on my passenger side the coil is a little bowed and it looks like the axle needs to be pushed out (control arms...
  10. Ryan93

    NAXJA Sighting

    Heyooo yesterday 2 XJs on a trailer on the 15 at Cajone Pass one was Tan one was Black all cut up and caged out NAXJA sticker on one of them.. I was in a White Tacoma hah
  11. Ryan93

    1995 4x4 5 speed 5.5 RE Lift

    Helping my buddy out selling his XJ, 1995 5speed 199k miles 5.5 Lift located in Rancho Santa Margarita here is the craigslist ad hes pretty flexible on the price i believe, his name is Erik, you can PM me for his number because he didnt...
  12. Ryan93

    Dana 44 4.56 gears

    got a set of Motive Gear 4.56s brand new, accidentally got the non think ones so these ones are NOT THICK $120
  13. Ryan93

    WTT 33 12.5s for 33 10.5s

    Anybody got any they want to trade? I have 4 33 12.5 BFG ATs about 85-90% tread.. just throwing this out there see if I get any hits lemme know
  14. Ryan93

    8.25 27spl

    Getting Rid of a 8.25 27spl from a 93, has the parking break hardware in but the lines are cut.. best offer takes it its in San Clemente
  15. Ryan93

    Gear Work

    Anyone install gears somewhat close to south OC? Im willing to drive for the right price... need 4.56s installed and new axle shafts put it on a D44.. axle is NOT in the car.. send me a PM, gracias
  16. Ryan93

    FS: D44 4.56 R&P Motive Gear

    Brand new in the box 4.56 gears for a Dana 44 rear axle Bought them for 125 like to get what I bought them for $125 OBO
  17. Ryan93

    Video Camera Suggestion

    Hey NAXJA, Im looking into getting a sweet video camera that is weatherproof and just about indestructible that I can mount to the Jeep for some sweet videos anyone have any suggestions? Thanks In advance -Ryan
  18. Ryan93

    Rock-It air Intake

    Rock-It Air Intake, puts the filter out of stock position.. has a little damage on the filter, ill get pics tomorrow same one as in the ad except its not chrome on the filter its black $100 come get it looks like this installed
  19. Ryan93

    WTB: Radio/Stereo

    Alright guys my old Sony radio finally gave in this week, looking for a replacement.. I am a little picky I guess I dont want another POS radio like I had before Lemme know what you got -Ryan
  20. Ryan93

    Info on this car's headlights

    Those Headlights look bad ass anyone know anything about them?