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  1. Mnkyboy

    Turkey day run discussion.

    Turkey day is getting closer, lets talk about the who, when, and where for the run. Most likely it will be at TSF unless the group wants to change it up and head count should determine our campground choice. Since i gimped myself up at work i will likely be just camping unless i miraculously...
  2. Mnkyboy

    Raffle thread.

    Raffle prizes have been rolling in, I figure it's time to show some of them off.
  3. Mnkyboy

    Trail plan discussion.

    We will likely do our usual trail itinerary ,hopefully we can get some of our older members to lead these main runs. Beyond that what runs would people like to see happen and who wants to lead them?
  4. Mnkyboy

    Who's coming?

    I would like to get an idea of head count for the event.
  5. Mnkyboy

    Convoy discussions.

    I plan to head out from Sandy,Oregon on Wednesday the 21st if anyone is planning to head up early.
  6. Mnkyboy

    Nwfest forum is up
  7. Mnkyboy

    Wheelers by the water.

    Wheelers by the water has been set for August 12, it will be at Promontory park again. We have the opportunity to be part of this years show and we will be presenting a check to the Ladee flats trail fund. We need to figure out beyond that what involvement we want to have, we could possibly...
  8. Mnkyboy

    April meet & greet 4/15

    This months meet and greet will be at Paola's in Sandy,Oregon,we have the party room reserved for 4/15 around 6pm. We should have some new faces from the membership drive so lets put some faces with names and have a good time. Paola's pizza 38015 US-26, Sandy, OR 97055
  9. Mnkyboy

    Ladee Flats clean up, May 13th

    The clean up is scheduled for 9am-2pm on May 13th. 4Xnation will be providing lunch and holding a raffle,I hope to see a good turn out from our chapter since this is local for many of us.
  10. Mnkyboy

    Fundraiser for Ladee flats.

    We have decided to make a sizable donation to the Ladee Flats trail fund. The plan will be to present our donation at Wheelers by the water this year. This trail system is local for most of us in the chapter and has a ton of potential to grow so let's see how much we can help out. You can...
  11. Mnkyboy

    We have a north end/Seattle area coordinator.

    Brandon Van Egmond "ZJ Crawler" has taken on the position of north end/Seattle area coordinator so those of you in that area should see some stuff coming up. If you have any ideas that may help him bring the north end together let him know.
  12. Mnkyboy

    Saddle up trail party

    It's time to check out our adopted trail "Saddle up" at TSF. We will be doing some clean up/repairs and assessing what other repairs or changes need to happen. This will also be our March meet and greet,I am planning to bring a grill up so we can Bbq and hang out. Hope to see a good turn...
  13. Mnkyboy

    Official NWfest discussion thread.

    The plan is June 23rd-25th in Naches Washington as usual but the event will be moved to Longmire meadow camp ground. The new location is about a mile from Long meadow campground, Long meadow will still be available to us if needed but try to camp near the entrance if possible to not interfere...
  14. Mnkyboy

    Area coordinator positions.

    Our chapters geographical area is huge,it is very difficult for the BOD to keep up with all of the areas we cover. As a result some of our areas are not being represented as well as they should be. The BOD has been adding coordinators to various tasks around the chapter to help ensure people...
  15. Mnkyboy

    East side chapter coordinator.

    I figured i would make this official. Rory"R.DesJardin"DesJardin will be coordinating the east side of the chapter,if you're out on the east side of Washington/Oregon,northern Idaho,the west side of Montana, or just like road trips keep an eye out for meet & greets and other events.
  16. Mnkyboy

    2017 trail run/trip discussion.

    In the past we have had a number of runs that we try to do every year,I would like to know what runs you would like to see this year besides NWfest. Example: turkey day run,noob run,summer campout,ect... Also think about who can help lead these runs,I personally don't know the areas we wheel...
  17. Mnkyboy

    February meet and greet.

    Februarys meet and greet will be at Bennys pizza on February 18th at 6pm 4219 NE St Johns Rd, Ste A Vancouver, Washington 98661 Hope to see everyone there.
  18. Mnkyboy

    Land use coordinator.

    We have not been as active as we should be with land matters and have had projects slip through the cracks, the current BOD has decided to create a land use coordinator position to keep us on track with our land use projects. Aaron "AwesomeXJ" Barnes will be filling that spot for us,in the past...
  19. Mnkyboy

    Meet and greet give away.

    The chapter BOD has decided to give away a membership at the meet and greet. One non member in attendance at the meet & greet will recieve a free 1yr membership on us. We have reservations at Wallstreet Pizza in Gresham for Saturday January 14th at around 6pm. 201 north main ave,Gresham Or. 97030
  20. Mnkyboy

    Meet and greet.

    We haven't done a meet and greet in a while,i would like to start doing them more regularly again if there is interest. I'm posting now to get people thinking about it but i would like to shoot for some time in early January. Post up any particular date or location and we will see what works.