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  1. Frank Z

    3/4" Shackles (2 ea) $15

  2. Frank Z

    Garage Sale!!

    I'm low on beer money and no longer need any of this stuff. The price is the price. :cheers: Jeep Junk! CHEAP Part 1 $10 LCA Brackets Jeep Junk! CHEAP Part 2 $10 LCA Skids...
  3. Frank Z

    Denver Shooting

    Everybody okay? Troy?
  4. Frank Z

    No more NFL for me.

    Some of the old timers will understand.
  5. Frank Z

    Fuse 21 blown

    99, 4.0l, AW4 Been strughli g sith this for a few days, tme to see what everyone thinks. As soon as I turn the ignition on the fuse blows. Already replaced the coil a couple hundred miles ago. I've also replaced the PCM. I've unplugged all of the injectors, sensors and even the fuel...
  6. Frank Z

    Injector Question

    Anyone using Seimens Deka 04891573AB injectors? I believe they are from a 2.0 or 2.4L Neon. Spec's? Worth swapping in?
  7. Frank Z


    Just retched a bit..... So what do you guys and gals think about these concepts from Jeep?
  8. Frank Z


    :rattle: :moon:
  9. Frank Z

    Let's try this again....

    Well it's finally time to start another project. Found this diamond in the rough (very rough) and thought it would make a project rig. 99 with 186K on the ticker. Going to need some TLC first. The previous owner decided to use drywall screws to hold up the dome light and audiophile...
  10. Frank Z

    2001 Cam position sensor

    Trying to finish up an engine swap on an 01 XJ, 4.0L. I've gone through my 00 FSM and read up on aligning the cam sensor but the one I have does not have any alignment holes to insert a toothpic into. So where do I do from here?
  11. Frank Z

    Dangerous Advice

    This guy doesn't get it....
  12. Frank Z


    Due to Deb's upcoming surgery I've found myself in need of some additional income. If any of you local folks are looking for some HVAC installations gimme a shout.
  13. Frank Z

    Happy New Year!

    Best Wishes for Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year to all!
  14. Frank Z


    Got a job offer today! wOOT!
  15. Frank Z

    Part pick-up in Littleton?

    Any of "The Old Guard" able to pick up a t-case in Littleton today for me? I'll send you the cash via paypal so you're not out of pocket.
  16. Frank Z

    Tow dolly and a tow.....

    My daughter just got in an accident in Fort Collins and I'm looking for a tow dolly and a tow from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. It's a Toyota Camry, so getting it on a tall trailer isn't really an option.
  17. Frank Z

    Long day....

    Yesterdays med's and sedation (x3) is taking it's toll. My wife is a diabetic (insulin dependent) and getting sick (vomiting) can lead to more issues than most can imagine. My apologies to all that are waiting for order updates, I'm trying to get to 'em as time allows.
  18. Frank Z

    Has Troy gonna over the edge?

    Has Troy gone over the edge? Yeah, I'm thinkin' it's true......
  19. Frank Z


    Anyone have an account?
  20. Frank Z

    Another reason to hate Amazon.