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  1. kuligow

    drum brakes $40

    up for sale rear drum brakes - complete from 97 XJ, chrysler 8.25 axle, complete, pads in v good condition $40 !!!!
  2. kuligow

    frame motor mount bracket

    hello !! I need some help with this driver side mount arm... Thanks to my drag link - this stock mount has some cracks in it - and its a bit to thin to weld it together. i have to replace it.. my XJ is a 97 4l ... question is would this 92 part match my 97...
  3. kuligow

    Some of the Polish Mob Pictures :)

    metal masher pics.. our last day in Moab... :gee: First ledges.... Yogurt is good for You ! after Yogurt You drive better: where is that stick ??! jump jump yo ! :eek: woody
  4. kuligow

    front bumper

    Hi Guys !! i just took down my old bumper off my rig. and now its up for sale.. I dont remember the brand of it but i believe its like $375 online. it has all the tubing and sting added. comes with all mounting brackets and most screws, its in very good condition - may need new paint. it fits my...
  5. kuligow

    Polish MOB (PJ's) pictures

    allright - time for the best moments of 07 Fall Fling by PJ's :D enjoy on Wednesday I took a small brake from wheeling and went to Mesa Verde Colorado..:
  6. kuligow

    Polish MOB pictures....

    finally :D I was bussy at work.. plus its always hard to make me resize and upload big amounts of pictures.... (lazy ass... :shhh: ) so.. just a selection of few nice shots...