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  1. Eagle

    Sending regards to NAC Fest

    It looks like I won't be able to attend NAC Fest this year, so I wanted to say howdy to those who will be there and send along my hopes that everyone enjoys the event and stays safe. I'm in "no travel" mode until further notice. I dropped an axle on my leg a few weeks back. Nothing was broken...
  2. Eagle

    TeraFlex "Long Arm" Kit

    Does anyone know anything about the TeraFlex so-called long arm suspension kit? Looking at it on their web site, I don't find a lot of specifics but it appears to include both upper and lower control arms, and no new cross member ... which makes me think it is not a real long arm kit, but just a...
  3. Eagle

    Trail Rig -- HURRY

    I stopped in at Daddio's Auto Parts in Seymour today (11-12-05) to look at an axle for a friend. Got chatting with the manager, Scott, and when I mentioned Cherokees, he mentioned that they just took one in. It has not been dismantled yet, but the title has been sent up to the DMV. 1994 XJ SE...
  4. Eagle

    Computer Help (Here we go again)

    Ladies and gents, it's a conspiracy I tell you. Sit rep: computers (one for me, one for the wife) are both running. That's the good news. The problem: My wife's cousin in Chile is trying to sell her house. I took a bunch of photos and, with assistance, created a web-based slide show and...
  5. Eagle

    1990 XJ Laredo available

    Lads and lassies, I am not posting this in Classifieds because it isn't my Jeep. I was at a training seminar this morning and learned that the building inspector in Bridgeport, CT, is selling his 1990 XJ Laredo. This is his personal vehicle, not a city vehicle. I was told that the body is...
  6. Eagle

    FREE to NAC Member - '89 Pioneer project Jeep

    Ladies and Gents, I have come to realize that at the moment I am more interested in MJs than I am in XJs. I have a more or less complete (except rear seat) 1989 XJ Pioneer, 4.0L automatic, 231 transfer case, that was bought several years ago with the intention of making a trail rig. That hasn't...
  7. Eagle

    AAAAARRRRGGHH! %#@&* Charities

    I am totally steamed. I'm supposed to be on both the CT and national DO NOT CALL list. Just got in from the Great American Jeep Rally, and within 15 minutes had calls from both the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association asking me to "just address and stamp 20 envelopes to...
  8. Eagle

    Oh, my!

    Found a link to this on another forum. It makes for some rather (ahem) "interesting" reading:
  9. Eagle

    "Urban Assault Vehicle" Equippage?

    My newspaper today showed more photos of cars (and SUVs) plowing through water during Rita's passage across FL. Naturally, XJ owners have a decent bug-out vehicle to begin with, but suppose you have a stock XJ and want to add a bit of height. "Floatation" tires aren't going to make the vehicle...
  10. Eagle

    Hyundai Radio Tech?

    My wife asked me if I could install and aftermarket radio in her friend's '99 Hyundai Accent. I said "Sure, if I can figure out how to remove the dash panel." How incredibly prescient of me! Went out to look at the car, found two retaining screws hiding behind the ashtray and removed them --...
  11. Eagle

    Southern New England machinist?

    Title basically says it all. I have to do a bit of machining and I don't have the equipment to do it. Ideally, it should be done on a fairly good size end mill or Bridgeport. I need to cut a pair of very accurate slots into a chunk of steel. Is anyone on here a machinist located in southern New...
  12. Eagle

    And in this morning's news ...

    I don't think we want to sign this guy up for an honorary (or other) membership, but this article certainly attests to the durability of the Cherokee: Suspect leads authorities in wild chase through area cities 07:11 AM CDT on Tuesday...
  13. Eagle


    I am unsure of the actual origin of this article/rant. It came to me twice, in an e-mail from the land use coordinator of Eastern 4-Wheelers (a local club here in CT) and another e-mail from someone at East Coast 4-Wheel Drive Association.
  14. Eagle

    Here's one you don't see every day
  15. Eagle

    Source for battery-powered Sawzall

    I need the rear part of an MJ quarter panel. Found a wrecked MJ in a u-pull yard that's good enough (anything is better than nothing, I guess). But ... the yard does't have power in the u-pull section, and won't allow torches (not that I have torches anyway). They will allow battery-powered...
  16. Eagle

    A somber note ...
  17. Eagle

    'Nother dumb computer question

    Older Toshiba Satellite Pro, has a single PS/2 port on the back. If I want to connect it to an external monitor and use it as a temporary desktop, can I use a 'Y' connector and have it recognize both an external keyboard AND an external mouse? Or am I stuck with one or t'other?
  18. Eagle

    Got Gears?

    Trying to do a 2WD to 4WD conversion of an '88 MJ on a VERY slim (as in, ain't got no money) budget. Turns out I have multiple front axles, all in 3.07 gearing, and a couple of rear axles -- all in 3.54 gearing. The truck is a 4-banger, so I'd prefer to stay with 3.54s. Has anyone not too far...
  19. Eagle

    AAAARRRGGHHH! Need GOOD Bolt Source

    I've had it with trying to buy bolts from Lowe's and the auto parts chains. Trying to restore the '88 MJ, which means reattaching the flares. If anyone has priced those metal stud plates that back up the flares, you know how expensive they can be, so I'm going with Plan 'B' -- drill out the...
  20. Eagle

    Carpet Source(s)?

    Looking to replace the rubber floor mat in a Comanche with a full carpet. JC Whitney sells a pickup carpet for 99 clams, but it only extends halfway under a bench seat -- doesn't cover the entire floor pan. Does anyone know of a source (preferably inexpensive, if not downright cheap) for full...