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  1. CrashSomers

    New in Box GenRight 30g Fuel tank with skid

    New in box: $700.00 GenRight XJ aluminum 30g tank with skid. located on west side I10 and Jackrabbit Can deliver to eastside tomorrow or Friday 60 and mesa dr.… This extra capacity tank holds over 30 gallons of gas allowing you to stay out on the...
  2. CrashSomers


    3 owner TJ 182k miles. 3inch folder full of everything ever done to this jeep over its life. Nothing wrong with motor. 4.0 with everything (no pcm) Everything else is still on it. everything still works. Any questions text or call me. 480-580-0150 Rick 300 bucks I want it gone.
  3. CrashSomers

    My gift to you.

    To Naxja and only Naxja. I am posting this here for you all, not on any other site. After the run on saturday as we sat around the fire at the famous cabin one. I found myself watching the group. Alot of stories and just the best part of a weekend like this. So I grabed my camera and well...
  4. CrashSomers

    Official RockFest Picture Thread

    So first Pics of the event. Today we ran Broken Arrow one local guy showed up. Was nice to just get out and enjoy the weather. So we had our first casualty of the event. My wife got stuck in Nena's parking lot. Thanks Nena for pulling her out lol. So a few trail pics. Rest...
  5. CrashSomers

    Trail Runs By CRASH

    I plan on being there on Wen. the 21st 21st Wen - Broken arrow 1pm Meet in Sedona at the Burger King. 12:30. After run going to be having dinner in town before checking into camp grounds. 22nd Thurs - Going to run all the local trails in Sedona. Bring lunch going to hit as many as we can...
  6. CrashSomers

    Official MEDIUM RUN run sign up thread

    This group will be running both lower Smasher and uper smasher. At this time could change as needed. This group will be leaving the drivers meeting at 9:45 - 10am This run is for rigs with the following. 33's one locker 32's one locker 31's one locker maybe two Remember this is Sat. run...
  7. CrashSomers

    The "TO DO LIST"

    Buy a: 8.8 DOM Johny Joints GenRight Bridge Brake line Fuel Cell Air Shocks Front and Rear Drive Shafts 3.73 HP30 gears 1/4 plate for skid Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC type) First Aid Kit Do: Install rear 4 link with 8.8 and air shocks. Move fuel tank or install fuel cell...
  8. CrashSomers

    Thank you

    So over the last year I have been buying stuff for the new TJ after selling the XJ and I got to a point were it was time to add long arms and stretch to the front. I have been planning on this for some time and even tho its not a 609 (wish list) its better then the LP 30 and stock arms and only...
  9. CrashSomers

    Need Dana 30 gears

    I am in need of some used 373's for a HP dana 30 so if anyone has a set sitting around i could get off you please shoot me a text 480-580-0150 Thanks Crash
  10. CrashSomers

    Thank you Parts Guy.....

    I wanted to take a few and thank the Parts Guy. He has been hooking me up on alot of stuff for my rig. Great prices, advise and he does great work. Anyone thinking of buying anything for there rig should look into his prices and work before buying anywere else. Thanks Crash
  11. CrashSomers

    Thank you Ballistic Fab

    Called down there the other day talked to Bobby. He took my order gave me a date a few days after the date. In my hands. I know alot of members are having issues and I got the book thrown...
  12. CrashSomers

    LT 6/11/11

    A few good pics of Dan (TheMud) and a few other none XJ friends.
  13. CrashSomers

    Friend having issues.

    I have a friend that set up an acount but this is what he is getting when he tries to sign in. User name is salsxj here is what it says and said before when i tried to post on NAXJA "salsxj, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons...
  14. CrashSomers

    AZOHVC Dinner For Dough

    AZOHVC Dinner For Dough This is a fund raiser for the Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition. Cucina Tagliani will donate a protion of your bill to the AZOHVC. Hope you can attend! Please print the attachment to give to the wait staff. Thanks Lisa...
  15. CrashSomers

    KC lights

    90 bucks for both that is 1/2 price. There not in my plans for my rigs so lets get them in someone elses hands instead of collecting dust here. Here is link for them new. These worked when i cut the wire and removed them. Calls are better then PM's 480-580-0150 Rick
  16. CrashSomers

    5 tires and wheels

    These just came with the rig when I bought it. Stock Jeep rims worth this much if you scraped them. The BFG AT are all recaps on BFG sides. Spare is 100%. two are 90% and in good shape. Other two are not so good. would use for spares or rollers. I need them gone done want them and dont need...
  17. CrashSomers

    Miller Millermatic Vintage 220 Welder

    Great welder nothing wrong with it. comes with bottle. I haven't used it but a few times in the last couple of years could use some cash in other places. So I figured why not lets move the welder. I want 1200.00 for it inless you buy it before Saturday. Thats right if you buy it before Saturday...
  18. CrashSomers

    Front Coils

    7 inch RE springs fronts only. 100 bucks 480-580-0150 Rick
  19. CrashSomers

    Full With Dana 44's for sale Sold the XJ now getting ride of stuff I dont plan on putting on the TJ please check out post sorry NAXJA did not feel like reposting so I cheated and just linked my post. Call me if you want them all. These would be a great...
  20. CrashSomers

    For Sale TNT's XJ drop trackbar bracket

    New never used and dont need. I will save you shipping and 20bucks. 80 takes it call me. Rick 480-580-1050