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  1. Gold Cobra

    The 49ers.....

    .....suck! Are you clowns going to root for Seattle in the Super Bowl?
  2. Gold Cobra

    Modified Jeep and Emissions warranty work

    My catalytic converters on my 06 LJ were clogged causing a loss of power. Thinking it may be covered under federal emissions warranty, I brought it in to McCord Dodge Jeep. They said the part was covered, but because I have an aftermarket crossmember, labor isn't covered and will run me $350 or...
  3. Gold Cobra

    I wish I could afford to flush $320 down the toilet.

    Found this gem looking for a specific MJ build. I want to see this thing in action so bad. I wish I could convince one of my friends to buy one and slap it on. You know it's going to make crazy power because the same part adds horsepower to Lambos and Kenworths. You'll want to make sure and...
  4. Gold Cobra

    RWKHaus Supply

    I sent Robert an email asking for prices on two items he didn't have advertised or listed on his site. He emailed me back literally within minutes telling me he would check availability and pricing. I got another email about an hour later with his quote asking if I wanted an invoice. His prices...
  5. Gold Cobra

    Local exhaust work

    I'm taking the body lift out of my LJ and will need to have the rear portion on my exhaust modified. Anyone have any recommendations on where I should get this done? I've gone to Hazel Dell Muffler in the past and it was fine, not great but not bad.
  6. Gold Cobra

    Happy Birthday BPB

    Now to celebrate his special day, lets post pictures of him!
  7. Gold Cobra

    Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route

    I'm going to run what is referred to as route 5 of the Oregon backcountry discovery route the week of August 18-24th. I'll be running it North to South starting in Walla Walla, and ending just South of Lakeview at the California Border. A stock four...
  8. Gold Cobra

    Lowering an MJ

    I've got a 2wd 92 Comanche named George. Build thread: Anyway, I've decided to lower it. I figured even an idiot like me could figure out how to lower the rear. I was going to use 2" blocks and XJ shackles. I like the idea of blocks because I...
  9. Gold Cobra

    Guess who's birthday is today?

  10. Gold Cobra

    You bolts?

    I need extended u-bolts for a Dana 35. I can't seem to find any online, and they didn't have what I was looking for at my local NAPA. Anyone have any advice on where I can order/buy a set? The cheaper the better of course.
  11. Gold Cobra

    Help me pick a new username.

    So I asked for my name to be changed to Darren. It was taken so they stuck me with Darren1, which I hate. Here's a few ideas I've been tossing around, as well as a few that are obviously a joke. Darren_S The Real Darren The Cool Darren Handsome Darren Humble Darren Woodland Darren Hate Crime...
  12. Gold Cobra

    I'd like my username changed.

    I'd like my username changed from goblazers_6 to Darren. Thanks.
  13. Gold Cobra


    So around this time last year, I had to sell my 88 Chief, Red Dragons, to pay my wife's business taxes. I regretted selling it the moment it left my driveway. So I spent the next few months looking at MJs on Craigslist for exactly what I wanted, a 91-92 because Renix Jeeps are ghey. I found a 92...
  14. Gold Cobra

    Meat and greet

    Yes I spelled it like that on purpose. We should have a potluck but maybe we could make a bacon explosion with NWC funds. I'm not sure where we'd host it, maybe my house, but Woodland is "too far" for some. Maybe we rent a place in Vancouver, a grange or community center would be easily done...
  15. Gold Cobra

    Don't go snow wheeling alone. My 4am recovery.

    This morning I was awaken by a 3:45am call from two friends from high school. He said they were out wheeling in the snow and were beyond stuck and needed me to come pull them out. He also said he had brought his girlfriend and her 5 year old daughter with them. I told him I was going to load up...
  16. Gold Cobra

    NWC Nominations

    Here are the rules for the upcoming voting: 1. Official nominations start 1 Nov and voting starts 15 Nov and runs through 30 Nov. 2. Term is for 1 year. 3. You MUST be a NAXJA member in good standing to run for office. 4. You MUST be a :NAXJA: Member to nominate someone. 5. You MUST be...
  17. Gold Cobra

    Happy Birthday StreetPirate!

    We hope your birthday is a good one. Maybe you'll get lucky in the Sex Palace.
  18. Gold Cobra

    September Photo Contest - Broken

    The theme for September is Broken. "What does that mean?" It can be what ever you want. A part of your Jeep is broken, park next to a broken down car, a train wreck, or on top of broken glass. Be creative. Winner will receive a NAXJA hat, and some super cool Flowmaster stickers. Photo must...
  19. Gold Cobra

    August Photo Contest - Voting!

    The theme for August was summertime, who did the best job representing that in their picture? AwesomeXJ Nightfoam muddypunk BoringDave 98FiveSpeed Thank you to everyone who participated! Winner will receive a special TORX approved prize. Good luck!
  20. Gold Cobra

    Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

    At NWFest this last year, XJourney arrived at camp late on Thursday night after taking the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route to Long Meadow. After talking to him about it, I knew I had to do it. I had wanted to do it solo so I could be cool like Hans, but the idea of camping by myself just...