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  1. crasy1_69

    241OR speedometer connection

    Ok I have been searching for answers off an on for a while now. I am looking for answers on how to connect the two wire speedo setup on my 91 xj to the three wire speedo on the 241OR transfer case. I know that Teraflex has a cable to be able to plug into the transfer case but still need to...
  2. crasy1_69

    Moving to the area...

    My family and I will be moving to the Gatesville area in a couple of months. Will be looking to meet up with others after we get moved and hopefully find work not too long after we get there. Let me know if there is anyone in the area. Craig
  3. crasy1_69

    Various Parts For Sale

    Parts For Sale I have various parts for sale. All are best offer. 1 - 231 tcase with SYE - $300 5 - Pro Comp Xtreme Alloy rims 16x10 (5x4.5, 4"bs) - $250 4 - shocks that are good for atleast 6" lift - $100 4 - 305/70/16 GY AT tires - $100 1 - Adjustable trackbar - $50 1 - D35 3.55 - $50 I can...
  4. crasy1_69

    Help with CJ5

    My mom and dad have a 66 cj5 and they need a new carb. Does anyone in the socal area have any or any hints on where to get a 1 barrel carb for the old buick v6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Craig
  5. crasy1_69

    NP 207

    I have a NP207 out of an 86 XJ that I had. Unlnown miles fluid was clean when I drained it a couple of weeks ago. $100.00
  6. crasy1_69


    Who's light blue XJ with Colorado Chapter sticker was parked on a trailer at the WEROC competition in Globe, AZ? It had Slick Rock Gears front and rear flairs sitting on a what looked to be about a 7" RE LA with a 8.8 conversion. Just wanted to say very nice looking rig and wish I could have...
  7. crasy1_69

    Mud Caves

    Does anyone have directions to the mud cave from S2 through Canyon Sin Nombre? We went out there today and think we took a wrong turn in the wash. Craig