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  1. Rev's Susie

    MWC Store Update

    The time has come that I will be moving on and not managing the MWC store. John "Ram-Rod" Popp will be taking over the store responsibilities starting at Winterfest 2013. Our MWC store started with chapter stickers only and has grown to include hats, shirts, patches and cozies as well. Maybe...
  2. Rev's Susie

    Clean up helpers needed

    On Saturday, after the dinner at the VFW, we need some volunteers to help clean up. We have a security deposit that is only refunded if we clean to the VFW's satisfaction. The more people we have, the faster it will be done, and then on the the campfire!
  3. Rev's Susie

    Potluck cleanup

    We have purchased two trash bag holders and a box of 30 gallon trash bags. There should be plenty for future events as well.
  4. Rev's Susie

    Winterfest Dinner

    Aldean from Robies called me today. She said that she will charge $15.00 per person, which will include tax, server fees etc. In the past she separated the charges and we actually paid more. I told her we were at about 100 to 110. She needs a final number by next monday now. The food should...
  5. Rev's Susie

    Susie for Treasurer

    I am Rev's Susie and am running for the position of Treasurer. Many of you know me as Rev's wife, and we have been married for many wonderful years. (25 years on 6-20-2012) I am the Deposit Services Manager at Lisle Savings Bank, where I have worked for 27 years. I have an Assoc. Arts...
  6. Rev's Susie

    Thank you from Susie

    I want to thank everyone for their hard work to make this event happen every year. Thanks to Sean and Lar who handled registration and more. I so appreciate everyone (too many to name you all) that I walked up to and said "could you help me with ....". I am amazed by how willing people are to...
  7. Rev's Susie

    Volunteers Needed for Cleanup

    We will need volunteers to cleanup after the potluck dinner on friday and the VFW dinner on saturday. There was a huge mess left for Cheeseman and Camille from the potluck last year. The VFW, in order to receive our deposit back, must be clean. The more people we have, the faster cleanup will be...
  8. Rev's Susie

    Lifted Chevy Pickup wanted

    A co-worker is looking for a 1990 or newer lifted Chevy pickup. She can be contacted via email at She said it doesn't have to be perfect.
  9. Rev's Susie

    Who is Rev's Susie?

    Well....I am married to Rev. I am running for Treasurer. I have been working at Lisle Savings Bank for 25 years and am currently the Deposit Services Manager. I have studied accounting and have a Assoc. Degree in Buisness. I want to help the chapter out and feel that this position is the...
  10. Rev's Susie

    Friday Night Potluck

    From the What's Cookin thread, here is a summary of what everyone said they will bring. If you have changed your mind, or I missed you, please speak up. Bacon Explosion, nacho cheese w/machine & ground beef-XJ&CHZ4ME Lays potato chips and dip-Fore Wheeler Special Beer-Lesslimited...