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  1. sgtmack

    Need a PCM for my 2000 XJ with a 4.0 Auto

    Got a new to me 2000. 5V signal to the engine sensors varies form 5.5V to .003V. Still runs most of the time, but I should get a replacement before it quits completely. Any body have one laying around?
  2. sgtmack

    E-mail Help

    Who do I contact to reset the password on my Naxja email account?
  3. sgtmack

    Need a rebuildable short block for my 99

    Mine has been having overheating problems for a couple of years. It finally gave up a couple of weeks ago. Took it apart, found 2 cylinder walls cracked. Some one I know from work offered me a block from an engine swap he did, so I ordered rings and bearings and gaskets and such, got the new...
  4. sgtmack

    84 Waggy inside door handle?

    Any idea where to find one? I tried all my usual sources, and no luck. Thanks!
  5. sgtmack

    Pics, finally.

    It took a while, and there aren't very many, but here is a link to my pics. Sgtmack's picture album
  6. sgtmack

    New PCM - Dealer only?

    My 99 4.0 lost an injector driver. The local salvage yards seemed confused as to what a PCM was, so I checked with the local dealership. Ouch. Are there any aftermarket sources for PCM's? Or did this stupid Jeep just cost me another $550.00? And yes, I'm going to replace the injector for that...
  7. sgtmack

    Alpena MI?

    It looks like I will be in Alpena the first two weeks of June. Are there any places to take the Jeep while I'm there? Or should I just plan on fishing for two weeks. Neal
  8. sgtmack

    Hillz N Hollarz in KY closed (action needed) A bump for this thread in the Land Use forum. If any one close can make it, it might help us keep a wheeling spot open. Neal
  9. sgtmack

    Help me decide my next mod

    First, I have a 99 with an 8.25 rear with 4.56 gears and a front Aussie. It will be on 33's with a 4.5 inch long arm lift. I like rocks more than mud. So, if I can't do both, which should be next; 1. Alloy axles for the front. I'm on my third set of axles in two years, but the last set were cv...
  10. sgtmack

    Another stupid 3 link question.

    I'm going from 3" to 4.5". I'm going to build a long arm front suspension. I think I have figured out how to fit a URF style 3 link. The question is should I use bushings at the lower axle ends for a better ride, or JJ's on all the on all four lower joints so it feels more solid. I'm using rod...
  11. sgtmack


    If any one is interested, the Rocky-Road Supersliders I won at WF are for sale. I've decided I need a locker more than a new set of rails.
  12. sgtmack

    Rocky-Road Supersliders rock rails

    I have a brand new set of sliders I won at Winterfest. these things are Beefy. But I already have sliders, so I want to sell these and buy a locker. You can check them out at They are still wrapped for shipping. I would prefer local pick up, but I can arrange...
  13. sgtmack

    My pics

  14. sgtmack

    Another SYE hack-n-tap option

    I found another cheap hack n tap option for those who are looking for an easy upgrade. sent me a new yoke for $99.00 plus shipping. Here is a pic installed. Install was pretty easy, it even came with instructions. Pros- Used a front shaft with no extra adapter...
  15. sgtmack

    Another stupid steering question

    I need a new tie rod , mine looks like a pretzel. I have an abundance of 1 1/4 1/8th wall DOM. Is it strong enough on it's own, or should I use it to sleeve a piece of 1" solid. I'm leaning toward using both, but I haven't figured out the whole assembly concept for solid, tube, and welded...
  16. sgtmack

    The "What should I bring" thread

    Some one had to start this one, so I guess it's my turn. I'm assuming you all know the :NAXJA: required equipment, and you are all smart enough to bring extra socks, but what about spares, tools, beer:wave: ,etc? I might be able to score a generator to run my little flux core MIG, and a bring...
  17. sgtmack

    More pics.

    A few pics I got when I wasn't breaking stuff.
  18. sgtmack

    Winterfest equipment question

    Here's my question: I have a little money put aside,and I'm not sure what to spend it on. I don't have enough for a locker, darn it, but I can either buy steel to make rocker rails, or a make a CO2 tank setup. Which should I do? :wave:
  19. sgtmack


    Woo Hoo! I made it to 100 posts! Look at me go! :sunshine:
  20. sgtmack

    Tube inserts

    Quick question. I used to have a link to a source for weld in inserts for 2" square tube, but my hard drive died. Any body heard of them? I have access to tube and a good welder at my new job. I see a long arm setup in my future. If I can save up enough money. :banghead: